A Good Day!


1. My daughter, Rose, was offered the job she really, really wanted.

2. My sister had an offer accepted on the house she really, really wanted.

3. I was awarded a Distinction for my OU Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing.

With 55 mins of the day left to run, I'm quitting whilst I'm ahead!


Frances said…
Oh Chris, this is all fabulous news. Please do sleep later than usual tomorrow, and then get up and let the celebrating continue!

Pondside said…
Hooray!!! May there be many more of these days!
Flowerpot said…
Great stuff Chris, all round! I trust you celebrated with a few glasses of the demon drink. xx
muddyboots said…
things do go in 3s don't they, Hooray!
Fennie said…
Great stuff, Chris. There is a saying, though, that you make your own luck and I know you work very hard at making it and making others feel they can make it too. So keep those luck factory wheels turning.
Talli Roland said…
Wow, it was a good day! Congrats on all counts!
HelenMHunt said…
Since I'm having a cruddy week, I'm going to bask in your good news. Sounds perfect!
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you all... sister's news has gone a tad pear-shaped. House buying and selling - meh!

Frances, thank you - no chance at the moment, too busy!

Pondside, ah well, it's swings and roundabouts isn't it?

Fp, I did, but these days they're thimble-sized!

Muddyboots - as my sister's news seems to have gone a bit wrong I'm hoping the change of fortune doesn't.

Ah, Fennie - what a kind thing to say. Thank you.

Talli - all good while it lasted!

Helen, thank you - I hope your luck turns round too.
elizabethm said…
Good news! Hope your sister's house buying recovers but you and Rose sound to have it in the bag!
Preseli Mags said…
Hurrah and congratulations (times three)! So many good things on one day. I hope you get many more lovely days like that, you've worked hard for them and it's well-deserved.
建邱勳 said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debs said…
Many congratulations to the three of you. How wonderful that you can all celebrate at the same time.
Well done all round, Chris. Sounds like an excellent day.

Hope poor DiL is recovering from his earlier wasp incident. That sounded terrible. I'll be ultra careful next time I disturb any old bits of carpet on my allotment.
Gosh that sounds like a pretty exciting type of day...congrats all round
Rob-bear said…
Slow Bear is a bit late, but, "Well done all around!"
Karen said…
Fantastic news - hope it continues :o)
Cait O'Connor said…
K am late to this but many congratulations Chris!
gaelikaa said…
Terrific news! May the run continue!
(I loved that comment you left over on mine about the quiet neighbour - once the penny dropped (I'm a bit slow on the uptake!) I was in stitches! Thanks!

Leigh Russell said…
Hurrah! The future's looking good.
Chris Stovell said…
Elizabeth - My sister's sale is back on track... at the moment!

Mags, thank you - you are kind.

Debs, it makes a change!

LBD, I thought of you on your allotment - be careful out there!

SBS, good to see you. I hope life is settling down over at yours.

Rob-bear - thank you! Nice to see you here.

Karen, thank you.

Cait, hello! Thank you - hope all is well with you, I must visit.

gaelikaa, Thanks for your comment - loved seeing your neighbourhood.

Leigh, thanks - got that fake tan yet?!
Milla said…
huzzah huzzah huzzah!!!!

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