Breaking Point and a Break

Well, what didn’t the Llanelli half marathon throw at us? A severe weather warning, rain, freezing cold, hailstones and wind. By the six mile mark I was soaking wet and being pelted with hail and by the ten mile mark I felt as if I was running with someone else on my back. Then the sun came out and, for a moment, I thought it might be a fairly benign jog to the finish except that the wind picked up even more dramatically. A huge gust pushed me sideways off the track and sand, blowing up from the beach, scoured my face. By mile twelve I was finding it hard enough to stand up, let alone run. At this point a nasty little hill spikes the mix even further. I felt dizzy, disorientated and had visions of walking the rest of the course... and then I saw the finish!

Now, in my mind I’m flying at this point, although video footage shows Mrs Clumpy-clumpison hobbling towards the line. Anyway, I managed to find something in the tank and clocked up a chip time of 2:17:05, a personal best, (and 48th in my class, whoop! whoop!) before crying all over Tom!

Mrs Clumpy-clumpison attacks the line

Relief that it's all over!

Tomorrow we’re off on a short city break to celebrate our wedding anniversary. After years of holidaying on Veryan, our old wooden boat where the facilities were somewhat basic (sleeping bag, strip wash and sea sickness) I’m very excited about staying in a B&B!


Debs said…
Blimey, you look so relaxed and energetic crossing that finishing line. I'm so impressed.

Well done you, and hope you have a fab trip.x
Elizabethd said…
Oh well done Chris! what a triumph to get to your personal best too.
Enjoy your holiday.
JJ Beattie said…
Oh deary me. That made me laugh so much "Mrs Clumpy-clumpison hobbling..."

However, when I viewed the video, I don't think Mrs Clumpy-Clumpison was in it!

Well done you.
Lane said…
You star! Well done Mrs Fleet of Foot - you are brilliant.

Have a sooper dooper trip away xx
Expat mum said…
Cor - very impressed I am. Well done.
Jude said…
Well done, I've just power walked 8kms and am knackered! Happy anniversary, how many years? Havea lovely time.
Edward said…
O boy, am I glad I didn't enter that race.

I missed Mrs Clumpy-clumpison but there was a runner who looked just like you in a blue windstopper who was going like a train! A PB in those conditions is truly remarkable.

Well done. Enjoy your break - you've earned it.
Suffolkmum said…
Hear hear to Edward's comment. I am in awe. I went out in high winds this morning and only managed a 5 mile limp. Great stuff. I think you deserve soft mattresses and carpets underfoot now!
Woozle1967 said…
Chris, you're amazing! Well done, not just for the run but for battling the elements too! Enjoy your romantic break!!xx
muddyboots said…
l am amazed, well done you!
Calico Kate said…
I couldn't see Mrs Clumpy-clumsion anywhere.
Am in awe, as no way I could do anything like that, and against that weather.
I think you deserve your break - enjoy.
Oh and a Happy Anniversary to you both too.
(Thanks for your note on my blog!)
KittyB said…
Just fab, so very very very impressed with you, Mrs! Happy Wedding anniversary, hope you had a lovely break.
ChrisH said…
Debs, that clip was closely followed by collapse of stout party!
Elizabeth, thank you very much m'dear.
JJ, turn the sound up louder - you'll hear the ground shaking!
Lane, thank you. A sooper dooper trip is just what I'm hoping for (fingers crossed!).
Expat mum, cheers me dear (let's raise a glass of black pudding in salute).
Jude, I'm not surprised, power walking IS knackering! Ten and counting, thank you!
Edward, I'm going to frame the 'going like a train' bit and make it my mantra. Thanks, race was hell on a stick. Do it again? Probably!
Suffolkmum, you will be fine - you have youth and beauty on your side!
Woozle, I certainly hope it is romantic, hehe!
Kate, thank you! But you do lots of handy things that I couldn't even begin to do.
Muddyboots, likewise - you get up to all kinds of amazing things.
Kitty, thank you, dear heart! Hope your girls are behaving now!
elizabethm said…
You are a marvel. Even reading about it made me feel tired, cold and out of breath.
have a great break for your anniversary.
LittleBrownDog said…
Fantastically well done, Chris! You're amazing! And you even had the energy to blog about it later - there must be something in those jelly babies! Enjoy that city break - you deserve it.

Pondside said…
Way to go Chris!! I watched the clip and couldn't see any Mrs C-C, just a gal in a blue jacket hippity-hopping to the finish line.
Well done - now have a wonderful time in the luxury of a B&B
Flowerpot said…
Well done you Chris that's an incredible achievement! Enjoy yhour well earned break too!
Pat Posner said…
Well done, Chris! Really brilliant.

Have a great trip, you deserve it.

Hats off to you I say! That and 40 lines of poetry the week before - I reckon you like working under pressure!!
Pipany said…
How do you look so flipping glam after all that Chris (or indeed ever, darn you!). Well done on that fantastic achievment which is the start of all the launch, etc cos it WILL happen soon xx
Un Peu Loufoque said…
Very well done and have a good break!
Exmoorjane said…
Heck, good on you girl.....Am always seriously overawed by anyone who can run (full stop) let along run half-marathons. Glad you're back in one piece and think you deserve a B&B!
Preseli Mags said…
Not Mrs Clumpsy Clumpsion at all! That was the finish? In those conditions crawling over the line on hands and knees, with tears and swearing would have been permissable at the very least. Totally well done and for looking so composed and glam at the end too. xx
PS: This weekend, of course, is benign spring sunshine. 'Snot fair is it?
Fennie said…
Gosh you look as though you've just been for a quiet stroll! How you do it I don't know. Your poor knees.
But you do tell it beautifully.
How about writing a thriller now in which the detective is a runner?
bradan said…
I love the casual way you write 'by mile twelve'......I would not even be alive by mile twelve, (or even mile two, probably) never mind finding it hard to stand up! I'm so pleased you achieved a PB, you did wonderfully well in such dreadful conditions. Hope you enjoyed your break, you certainly deserve it.
ChrisH said…
Elizabethm, Oh-woman-who-is-about-to-walk-177-miles,you are not doing so badly yourself!
LBD, yes, the jelly babies saw me through - five of them this time! (None of them got away!)
Pondside, B&B was fab... I could get used to it but probably won't be able to!
Fp, pleased to read that you are feeling better, too.
Pat, thank you!
SBS.. as Fennie said before, it's the deadline thing, it seems to be what I need to get off my bum.
Pip, really! Have you seen that awful juxtaposition of photos? Too many teeth flashing by half!
Mags, thanks but what you didn't hear was my language as I crossed the line or see me bursting into tears a second later!
Fennie,so far so good on the knees but must admit that the hips protested a bit this time! Hmm, it's an idea but wouldn't know where to start with detective fiction.
Bradan, not relaxed but delirious I think! The break was wonderful, thank you.

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