Creaking, Cardiff, Cruising and Classes

Friday 26 September
Lalalaaa! After the hurly burly of the creaky bed in France I am enjoying the deep peace and a deep sleep in my own bed. Still fast asleep I have a lovely stretch and something in my neck goes bang and wakes me up. Aargh! Despite all the running my back is a bit dodgy and my neck still plays up from time to time after a whiplash injury. I reach for strong painkillers and wish I hadn’t broken myself

Saturday 17 September
Tom’s doing his last OU seminar before his exam so I get to play with my lovely Lily for a couple of hours. Her partner, Russ, gets millions of Brownie points for chauffeuring us around. What a star! Lily and I are very excited because we’re hoping Rose has won the Euro Millions since she has promised to share her winnings with us. Rose has told us that she’s going to buy Lily a pug and someone to do the unpleasant bits for her and I’m going to get my rescue greyhound and an annexe to keep it in since Tom is not a dog fan. Apparently I also have to sign a contract promising not to love the greyhound more than Tom. As if?

Sunday 28 September
No sign of my greyhound yet. It’s a little known fact that I am secretary of the West Wales Cruising Association and Tom is the sailing captain. Before anyone gets any funny ideas we’re talking cruising sailors here – and they’re all about to descend on Hotel H for the annual barbecue! Tom and I run round like headless chickens cooking the legs of bodiless chickens and a few sausages and burgers to keep them company. It all seems to go down very well and, even better, everyone does the decent thing and goes home before we’re fed up with each other.

Monday 29 September
Should have been doing a long run today but my neck is still giving me hell. Torment myself with thoughts of my training schedule going to pot. Very frustrating.

Tom's enjoyed his OU course (214 Understanding Music) so much that he’s encouraged me to sign up for one too. As his draws to a close mine begins and along with the lovely SBS (pity she’s not in the same class as me – we could do a bit of bra-twanging together. What? Oh, it’s a long story…) I’ve begun OU215 Creative Writing.

It’s only week one and already I’m finding it challenging. We’re practising techniques to loosen up our writing, such as freewriting. The main problem is that I’m such a control freak I find it really hard to let go and let the words flow. My self censor interrupts every time! Even worse, if I do manage to let go the train of thought triggered by the prompt seems to lead straight down the path of buried memories that I don’t especially want to uncover. What is this? Writing therapy or psychotherapy? Oh well, I suppose I will just have to let it flow and see where I end up.

Tuesday 30 September
Looking at Ma on holiday Tom and I were a bit concerned about her health and suggested she went to the doctor who rushed her off for urgent tests. The good news is that apart from a couple of running repairs Ma seems okay for now.

And finally…My daughter Rose moves into her new rented accommodation today. The downside is that, like many young people, she’s shelling out an eye-watering amount of money. The upside is that her landlord is a fireman. Seriously, my lovely Rose I know what a big step this is for you but I’m sure it’s the right one. Here’s wishing you every happiness in your new home and a very Hippo Birdie at the weekend.

Painting is 'Evening Sky' by Tom Tomos


Milla said…
neck sounds bad, course sounds good. Off to google it now. And PLEASE, take heed of my wise wise words, imagine me dangling a mazey type thing in front of you, a gold watch, and intoning, "DO NOT GET A DOG." How I wish all those nay-sayers had been much more vocal my way about 18 long, furry, stinky, damp, bossy months ago. Sigh.
muddyboots said…
nasty neck. Have just invested in a mattress topper and it has helped my back, didn't know you sailed?
LittleBrownDog said…
Ah, Chris - good to have you back, and I've just been thoroughly enjoying catching up below with your creaky beds and lavishly washed dog's bottoms over lunch. Wish I was in the same class as you and SBS - sounds great fun. And a fly on the wall (well, a tree trunk, perhaps) at your cruising barbie.

Hope your neck gets better soon, and hope Rose has won her Euro Millions.

Pipany said…
Hello Chris. Yes, my lovely daughter is also shelling out indecent amounts of money to live out of Halls at Uni. Dear of her, she pays for it all herself and refuses almost all financial help insisting we need it more than her which, sadly, is probably true.

Hope neck heals soon, but don't force it.

Did an OU Arts Foundation course years ago and LOVED it - eventually did my degree at Uni a few years ago but it was all thanks to the OU. xx
Un Peu Loufoque said…
Oh so glad you clarified what"West Wales Cruising Association " meant.. had visions of.. ah well possible not good idea to share those visions!!
Sally's Chateau said…
oh phurleeeeeeeze a creaky bed in France and a cricked neck to boot,what has been going on ?
Debs said…
I hope your neck feels better soon, poor you, but glad your Ma is okay though, that must be a relief.

I don't blame you wanting a dog, mine is such fun, if a little on the noisy side occasionally, which drives the rest of the family completely nuts.

Elizabethd said…
Could you get some physio for the neck? It might help. Or a lovely long soothing massage maybe?
Pondside said…
I hope you get your neck sorted out - nothing can be worse than having pain every time you move your head!
I loved your holiday posts - just got caught up with the last one.
Good luck with your OU course!
Edward said…
Best of luck to daughter - still, I guess for a girl a fireman as a landlord is about as good as it gets. Re the neck/back and running - have you ever looked at Chi Running? Definitely worth investigating:
Flowerpot said…
hope your neck sorts out soon Chris - really horrible for you. However glad your mum has a clean bill of health. and good luck with the writing course - it sounds interesting and hard work - as challenges should be. but i know just what you mean about that writing censor! Keep at it.
Cait O'Connor said…
Nothing like your own bed is there, it's a joy to return to when you have been away.
Sorry about your neck, have you tried massage? Yoga helps too.
Your OU course sounds interesting, do keep us updated. I did the Arts Foundation course and the Social Sciences Foundation Course years ago and loved them, can't praise the OU enough.
Pat Posner said…
Hope your neck gets better soon. Have you got one of those lavender and other herb neck cushions you warm in the microwave? Mine really helped ease the pain.
Glad your Ma's okay.
Fire Byrd said…
oh yes the cost of digs, my eldest has just moved to London to share a house with two university friends, the cost is huge....
hope you feel better soon.
Fennie said…
Younger daughter (she with the Topaz insider her) has just become a landlord and acquired a lodger so I hope the whatever-it-is cuts both ways and she is able to attract some welcome loot. Sorry to hear about the neck. Does sound painful. On the creative writing course - isn't this something you could be teaching? Or am I missing something?

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