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Friday 10 October
Tom’s reached the end of this year’s OU course which means he sitting in a church hall in Aberystwyth taking a music exam. I’m only on Week 3 of mine so I’ve found a quiet spot in the Arts Centre where I can alternate periods of quiet study with drinking coffee and people watching. The boundaries become a bit blurred however when my peaceful place becomes powerfully attractive to every noisy nuisance in the centre. A couple of school-girls flop beside me and do a running commentary of everyone they’re texting, a bearded man plonks his briefcase on the table the other side of me and shuffles all his paperwork self-importantly and, to cap it all, a class of pubescent dance class pupils turn up and start flinging themselves all over the floor in front of me. It’s like berludy Fame Academy here! I give up and meet Tom for a post exam debriefing. It all sounds fine to me so fingers crossed.

Saturday 11 October
Down to Cardiff for my first day school. Good to put faces to names but a long way to go for three hours. A beautiful sunny day in the city with folks out enjoying themselves. Only hope it isn’t this hot next week for the half marathon or it’ll be even tougher. Back home I find my race number’s arrived together with an envelope which warns ‘NO CHIP = NO TIME’. Inside there’s an electronic chip to tie on my running shoe. Immediately start having nightmares about not putting the chip on properly and getting struck off.

Sunday 12 October
My last long run before the half marathon and I’m armed with three Jelly Babies in a plastic bag tucked inside the waistband of my shorts hoping they don’t migrate anywhere. Halfway round I bite the head off one and my legs feel better instantly, then I get a mini sugar rush which makes me feel a bit shivery in a good way and quite revitalised. Amazing! Even better it doesn’t linger in my mouth to outstay its welcome or do anything unpleasant to my stomach. Phew!

Monday 13 October
Tom’s entering some paintings in the 6th Tenby Open Art Competition at Art Matters Gallery. I go with him (a) because I don’t want to miss a chance to talk to Margaret and John who run the gallery and (b) hey, it’s Tenby! Another lovely day so we catch the last rays of the sun on the beach. Sitting there with a rum and raisin 99 in my hand enjoying the view makes me very happy. Even happier when I think about the old days of working in an office.

Tuesday 14 October
A three mile run and it might as well be 30 – I’m getting to the end of a long haul now, both looking forwards to Sunday and completely dreading it! In the afternoon we pop round to some neighbours to celebrate her younger daughter’s first birthday. Never has one chocolate cake covered so many people. Thank goodness that’s another thing I don’t have to do anymore.

And finally…
Look out Aberystwyth! Purplecoo invasion taking place tomorrow. Well done, SBS!

I know you've seen Tom's painting of the beach at Aberystwyth before but it had to be done.


liz fenwick said…
I'm exhausted just reading the post! Good luck with the marathon.
Debs said…
I wish I had a quarter of your energy, best of luck with the marathon (and the jelly babies).
Frances said…
Hello Chris,

I am so glad that you are back in running form! Viva jelly babies.

Hoping that you will have a cool crisp day for the big run. Our NY marathon is usually at the beginning of November, and even then, sometimes turns out to be a warm day.

As always, I so enjoy seeing Tom's paintings. Best wishes to him on the exhibit.

Eeeeek I am sooooo behind - what is it you are studying. I guess the neck is ok, or at least holding up if you are now able to run . . . good for you admire your perseverance.

I love Tom's painting as well. Hope the exhibition goes well - know how nerve wracking they can be.
BT said…
Go girl go. Good luck and do let us know how you get on. Love Tom's painting as always, I haven't seen it before being a relative 'newby' to your blog.

The 99 on the beach sounds blissful.

It's rained most of today in Ireland! Nothing new there then.

I do hope Tom does well at the exhibition.

lampworkbeader said…
I had to have a little lie down after reading your blog Phew!
Elizabethd said…
Will be cheering you on from Brittany. good luck, go carefully, and watch out for stray jelly babies!
Cait O'Connor said…
Lovely painting.

I would have liked to be in Tenby on the beach with an ice cream.

Good luck with the run and have a great time tomorrow, I wish I didn't have to work and could join you.
mountainear said…
A physically and mentally interesting week I think - good to challenge all your bits and pieces?

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow with SBS.
bradan said…
What a lot you fit into your days! I adore the painting. I hope that both the exhibition and the marathon go well!
Pipany said…
The very best of luck with the marathon Chris. I will be there...in spirit obviously!!!! xx
elizabethm said…
sounds a good week, both with the running and the 99! hope you have had a great day today and so sorry I couldn't be there. Best of luck with the run too.
Sally's Chateau said…
Oh dear, I feel bone idle everytime I pop in and see you, just three jelly babies ?
LittleBrownDog said…
Just catching up after far too long - sounds like you had a lovely time in Aber. And very best of luck with the half marathon (if I'm not too late). Jelly babies sound like a very good idea.


PS Yes, exactly, Sally. I don't think I could have just three jelly babies ever. Or even contemplate stopping at the head.
Angel said…
Ah, I love Jelly Babies (except the black ones.)

So sorry not to have met you-have been hearing all about the trip today from SBS (met her in Ludlow)
It sounds brilliant.
I promise to be there at the next one...SPRING 2009 I think...

Hi Chris,

Just catching up, well done to you in the Marathon, and jelly babies.... love them.


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