Two Golden Springs and a Sweet Pea Summer

Do you remember that Cyndi Lauper song, 'True Colours'?’ Well, Rose, Lily and I know what our true colours are now thanks to my lovely friend, Jill, who bought a colour consultation for the three of us as a rather special birthday present.
For the uninitiated the aim of a colour consultation is to simply to demonstrate what colours suit you best when it comes to choosing clothes and makeup. Jill, who always looks gorgeous, had been through the process herself and generously waved her magic wand for me and my daughters, known here as Lily and Rose. Now, it’s no secret that as a die-hard jeans and t-shirt girl whose default going-out colour is, er, black I’m clearly in need of help but would Lily and Rose, just starting out on their careers be offered advice that was relevant to them?

Last Saturday the three of us met up in Cardiff and trotted off to see our House of Colour consultant, the delightful Manon Davies, who in a snappy outfit of red and white gingham dress with a little black wrap top and Mary Janes was the best advert for her own skills.

We’d been asked to turn up without makeup so were all desperate to get off the street and into Manon’s consulting room at the top of her house. Wrapped in a white cape and headscarf staring at my reflection in a large mirror under the unforgiving morning light, however, I wasn’t so sure that I shouldn’t just forget about colour and ask for a paper bag. How was it possible to look so cadaverous whilst still breathing?

Manon began by establishing my skin tone, which took me to the ‘warm’ seasons of Autumn and Spring. From there she began the painstaking process of revealing which colours were best for me before completing the look with complimentary makeup. In many ways it’s easier to see the effects on someone else and as Lily and Rose took their turns I could see how dramatically the right colours showed off their beautiful eyes and enhanced their skin.

After a brilliant day of being thoroughly pampered by Manon, (yummy refreshments provided) we floated outside armed with advice booklets, leather wallets with fabric swatches in our individual colours to compare notes. Rose and I, whilst not quite from the Amy Winehouse school of eyeliner, are almost there so felt a bit naked but we all looked fresh and beaming with health which is probably more to the point!

The next day I decided to try out my new rules ie no black (only Winters look good in black!). Unfortunately this left me with two bin bags of black T-shirts and jumpers and not much else! Then I trotted into Cardigan, not known as the fashion capital, just to see how I would get on. I was amazed at how much easier shopping became once I’d eliminated all the black and the ‘wrong’ colours; normally I am a cr*p shopper, wandering round in a daze not knowing what to pick which takes ages.

Tom and I are shortly off for some cheap sunshine (it’s quite a bold step for us!) so I was really pleased to find a rail of last seasons summer clothes in one of the shops. In no time at all I picked up oatmeal cropped linen trousers (£4.99), a madras check cotton sundress in tangerine and yellow (£4) and a flared linen skirt in a really bold chocolate, orange and yellow print which would normally have scared the bejesus out of me. Not a bad start to my holiday wardrobe… although if it arrives in the same place as me it will be a miracle, but more about that next week!

And finally…
Yep, the word count is a bit static but I looked at my rewrite after Christmas and realised it just wouldn’t do so am currently rewriting the rewrite!

Hwyl fawr!

Painting is 'Blue Pool Mwnt' by Tom Tomos


Preseli Mags said…
I had my colours done for a birthday present too and am an autumn. It's a lovely treat and makes clothes shopping so much easier!
Good luck with the rewrite of the rewrite. Now, when are we going to meet up for that coffee?
mountainear said…
It's a treat I'd love to be treated to. The only person likely to do the treating though is my husband and he thinks it's an absolutely bonkers idea. Grrr.
Milla said…
am very impressed by your re-write. Have never had colours done and, yup, always wear black, though seem to have some surprisingly groovy limey greeny trousers on (am so excited they fit as seem to have lost a load of weight). Have a fantastic holiday - we're off skiing in about ten days and CAN'T WAIT!!
Frances said…
Have a great time away, well done on the re-re-write, and your color analysis sounds like it was fun.

We sometimes have customers come into our shop bearing info about their color designations. It is fun to see how that can help up help them. But also funny that sometimes, they are so sure of the absolute best choices, that they rebuff other possibilities.

Closest that I ever came to such an analysis, was in buying Prescriptives brand of make-up. I discovered that I definitely have a yellow/orange undertone to my skin. So, now buying make up is much easier, and I know for sure that I should not wear yellow or most greens.

Still like black best!
Zoë said…
Colour analysis? gawd - not sure I would be a whole season; perhaps a muddy puddle. The idea of doing something like that, in equal parts, intrigues and terrifies me, which compared to the makeup counters in department stores is progress!

Good luck with the rewrite!
Elizabethd said…
I've always wanted to do that Colour thing, but never quite got there. I know blue suits me so have got stuck in a blue rut!
How lovely to be off to the sun, hope it is wonderful Chris.
Anonymous said…
That sounds really fascinating, Chris. I am afraid I have no idea when it comes to fashion and trendy just goes out of the window for me. I shop more for comfort and warmth! However, I would enjoy a consultation of this nature very much.

Crystal xx
e miss if I smile nicely adn pretend to bleong to you will seh do me too? I have no idea waht colour suits me nor whether I am winter spring or fall...actaully I htink like Zoe I am probably a muddy puddle however, my sister was"done" and alwasy looks splendid, mind you her budget is several thousand more than mine so she has a head start!!!

I tend to live in Black so if I found I was not the right season to wear it may have to stay in bed forever...well there's a thought!!
lampworkbeader said…
I am a winter woman myself, thank goodness as I often wear black. I don't always stick to it but I have one strict rule - no small patterns near the face (essential rule for older women) and NO fawn or beige.
Debs said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I hope I'm a Winter person as my entire wardrobe consists mainly of black with only a few bits of colour scattered around.

How wonderful to have a holiday in the sun to look forward to especially at such a grim time of year. I hope you and your newly found colours have a brilliant time.
OH wailey berludy wailey ..not a rewrite of the rewite.....I take it the launch party is on hold then? AND I have no option but to wear black, five days a just send those bags of tee shirts and jumpers down on the train will you? Now ...lets just get this straight..bum on seat and best yellow jumper on ...hang on a mo a holiday is now going to get in the way.....
have a good one
elizabethm said…
Oh that sounds such fun and lovely to do with your girls. I am addicted to black and denim too and should try to wean myself off but don't know where to start - perhaps I should do it too! Have a great holiday.
sally's chateau said…
Felt relaxed just reading that Chris !! you lucky lucky thing.
liz fenwick said…
Sounds a wonderful experience and good luck with rewriting the rewrite!
LittleBrownDog said…
I've always fancied having my 'colours done', but always thought it sounded rather expensive (although everyone I know who's had it done has sworn it's saved them hundreds in fashion mistakes). Like you, I have a wardrobe full of black stuff, although suspect I'm not a 'winter'.

Hang in there with the re-write - I have so much admiration for how well you're doing. The end must surely be nigh...

& have a great holiday!
Flowerpot said…
sounds a great idea - what a lovely present! And well done on the rewrite. Painful process I find!
muddyboots said…
what a lovely treat l find it really hard to look glammed up. Have a good break!

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