That Friday Feeling

Hello chums and chumettes! Snailsbeachshepherdess was good enough to ask how my book/shoulder/Ma are going and since I’m in a Friday night sort of mood and, having fought my way round Haverfordwest to attempt some Christmas shopping (bah!), it’s clear that I’m not going to get any novel writing done today so here’s a quick update instead.

We are off to hit the town tonight with Tracy and Jeremy next door – I just hope the town doesn’t hit me back. Jeremy is keen for us to ‘Get a few early ones in’ before we eat -‘nuff said. I’ve splashed out a whole £7 on a top from New Look for the occasion and have been listening to Dave Gahan’s latest album ‘Hour Glass’ … I love his voice, he always sounds as if he’s going to break down the door and do unspeakable things to you. Only hope I’m not entertaining Mil and Dil if he pounds up my drive (ooh-er!).

Yes, well, back to the update. There have been moments when I’ve felt like taking Pipany’s advice (get drunk, stay drunk) but I really am getting there. I was confident that I would finish by Christmas until Tom reminded me that there are only two weeks to go before Hotel H’s open season begins and next week we are heading south for three days. Rewriting FTT has been like trying to tame a gigantic wild beast; for a while new storylines and characters were sprawling around all over the place but I think they’re finally under control. All I can say is that I’ve learned a lot during this process and next time I’ll do it differently!

Ma moved into her flat on November 1st. Since then she has had new double glazing installed, had rewiring and replumbing carried out, has gutted the kitchen (herself!!) and planned the next one, has ordered a new bathroom, laid a concrete base for her garden shed and started landscaping the garden. Oh, and she had a fight to the death with a rat in her kitchen. It’s okay, Ma won. Quelle surprise… this week she has been laid up with a bad back and is moaning like billy-o. I’ll have to see if there are a few little jobs she can do for me, like painting the exterior of the house, whilst she’s up over Christmas.

The shoulder is less painful but my arm is still neither up nor down. SBS and I have been comparing notes and we think we can manage to twang the odd bra strap (very odd in my case). Tom and I are off to see ‘Clocks’ at Club NME in Camden on Friday so I’m going to see if there’s any chance of SBS and I doing a bit of bra twanging in the background. Failing that I shall be able to clap beautifully by flapping the one bingo wing I’ve developed recently. Should go down very well with all those trendy night-clubbers.

Ah well, time for me to get into my glad rags and try to fix my face – better allow several hours.

Hwyl fawr!

Painting is 'Haverfordwest Castle' by Tom Tomos

PS There were copies of 'my 'anthology, 'Strange Days Indeed' in Tesco at Haverfordwest today... what a thrill!


bodran... said…
Hello there long time no blog xx
Get out there have a great time and flap that bingo wing like a new accessorie!! xx
Casdok said…
Hope the shoulder continues to improve.
Preseli Mags said…
Whatever is it your Mum is on? Can I have some please?! What get up and go! I hope her back is better soon though, that's the sort of thing I'd do. But I don't like the idea of a rat in the kitchen (although UB40 managed to turn one into a song...)

I'm glad to hear how the rewrite is going too.

Have a brilliant time tonight and at the gig - twang those bra straps!
Frances said…
Gosh, Chris, you and your mom are toughies! I will continue to look to both of you for inspiration.

You might want to take a look at the web site of The New Yorker Magazine, to see an article in the most recent issue. It is by Alexandra Styron (probably an exerpt from an upcoming book) but also gives some insight into life at home as she grew up with her author father, William Styron, of "Sophie's Choice," etc. but also not such a nurturing dad.

How difficult it is to balance what our creative soul may keep summoning us to do, while also listening to what our family and friends and other obligations may be calling out to us.

Suffolkmum said…
Hope you had a great night out and could carry on pinging your bra strap! I have to say the very thought of a club in Camden makes me feel exhausted, though I used to be a regular back in the day ....
elizabethm said…
Great to have an update and sounds as though you are going strong (maybe not quite as strong as your mother but there are limits). Hope the shoulder continues to improve. Dont know if you ever tried the Bowen technique but did wonders for my inability to fasten my bra. I'm with sm on the thought of Camden nightlife - used to, now the very thought makes me want a little lie down.
Have fun.
Lane said…
lol. Gosh it's all happening down your way!

Enjoy your nights out. I've sort of forgotten what they are (although I am familiar with several 7 quid and less New Look tops:-)
Debs said…
Hope you had a great time and that your shoulder keeps on improving. Your Mum sounds like mine - I've no idea where she gets her energy from, wish I did though.
Hope you had a great night out Chris. Do hope that your shoulder continues to feel better.

Gosh, your Mother has soo much energy, wonderful though, glad to know that her house is getting there.

Is that Camden, London Chris? if so remember it well years ago, went to a big Wedding bash there near the canal.

LittleBrownDog said…
Come on, Chris, you're on the home straight now - we're all rooting for you! I look with wistful longing at the rapid filling up of your word-counter (no, please don't take a look at the miserable progress of mine). Hope your shoulder continues to improve - sounds very uncomfortable. Also hope you had a good birthday - seem to remember you're an end-of-November lady? (As long as it didn't involve too much painful pinging of bra straps - perhaps that's something best left to Dave Gahan.)

Could you send your mum round to ours when you've finished with her?

LBD xx
sally's chateau said…
Nice to see you back again. ooh er clubbing in Camden Town, that takes me back a bit, twanging your bra strap at the back indeedy, get to the front woman and jump up and down, if your bra will stand it.
muddyboots said…
hello there and keep up the pinging!
Flowerpot said…
hope your shoulder gets better and well done for persevering with the book. Keep at it!
Fiona said…
Wow. Getting anything into the big supermarkets is brilliant indeed. Good for you.
Sometimes I have an urge to tumble all the books by Jordon and the like, off the shelves like dominoes, to make room for books by real writers.
Would I be arrested do you think?:)
Pipany said…
Not sure how I missed this one Chris; thought I had been checking regularly (hmm, too much of one's own advice me thinks!). Glad you're getting the book sorted. I am so full of admiration because, as I said before, I cannot imagine how you go back after finishing. Wwell done you xx
Pondside said…
Hi Chris - I've missed you! If I send your mum a ticket do you think she'd come over here and give me a hand??
I hope your shoulder improves - can't have you limping on one wing!
Cor Pipany gives good advise dont she!! Shimmer on girl and have fun!!!
Fennie said…
Exactly! I'll have some of that, methinks! The end is in sight Chris and seeing your anthology must be cheering and give you confidence that you will be successful with this one. Have a happy pinging Christmas.

Hannah Velten said…
Completely missed this posting, Chris. I'm sorry, as I would have immediately congratulated you for taming your beasts, and for plodding on with the re-write - especially with all the Xmas bother to contend with! I've got that to look forward to; I'm interested to know how you will do it differently next time (if you're not too put off by this experience)? mootia x

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