No Escape In the Country

Ah, the benefits of a university education! No, not the UEA degree nor the language course at Heidelberg but the summer job working as a chambermaid in a posh hotel in Norwich which has enabled me to make beds in a flash and clean bathrooms like a demon.

We had a great time with our friends Jan and Roger. If you are looking for professional guests I heartily recommend this lovely couple who come laden with goodies, are very easy-going and leave whilst everyone’s still laughing. (Members of the Ace Gang if you are reading this, no, I’m not going to recommend you as professional guests because someone might decide to keep you and then where would I be?).

We are now deep into Mil and Dil mode. In the interests of marital harmony I have had to keep Mrs Hyde well away from the keyboard. Suffice it to say that two days into an eight-day visit and my smile is already wearing a little thin as the panel assembles for another rousing game of Life Before Chris.

Anyway, there is really only one important event to share this week: Rose is twenty-two tomorrow. How did that happen? Best wishes, my lovely girl, be happy, fly high and keep safe. With love, as ever, Ta Mere XX

The painting is 'Wittgenstein's Ladder' by Tom Tomos


Pipany said…
Oh Chris, hurry back to proper blogging. I need a laugh! Keep the smile firmly in place and perhaps start ticking days off on the calendar where they can see! xx
Pipany said…
Oh, and Happy Birthday Rose xx
Posie Rosie said…
Lovely painting, as always and a lovely birthday wish for Rose, hope she has a super time.
Wonderful game aint it!!!You'd think after all those years people would get tired of it but hey ho!Here had a whizzo weeze!! Why not statr looknig at her with kind slightly worried looks adn keep sayng are you feeling Ok? You look a bit um tired ?. etc etc..Kill her with kindness dear!!!
ChrisH said…
Sorry - my lips have been rather sealed this week! Will have to what state I'm in by next week!
toady said…
Poor you it's a hard slog isn't it. Concentrate on the Birthday girl and give yourself lots of time outs.
Anonymous said…
A very happy birthday to your lovely talented daughter.

Crystal xx
Milla said…
Yes, kick your guests into touch and get back to your real job of long blogs! Have a great day tomorrow with Rose.
Suffolkmum said…
Hope Rose has a god birthday. Just keep those teeth gritted.
Preseli Mags said…
Happy birthday to Rose! Good luck with the rest of the Mil and Dil's visit. xx PM
Anonymous said…
Hi Chris, my local uni was the UEA too. I love it there! I still go and visit my old dept!
Tattie Weasle said…
Mum used to find it hard with her's so asked Granny what she would do: "Count to 10 Darling."
Then Mum said: "But what happens after I count to 10?"
"Start again!" came the reply!
Exceedingly useful advice which I have adopted even though my MIL is always asking Dear Charlie why I mutter all the time!
elizabethm said…
I find a quick half day's illness (fortunately have dodgy tummy so have ready made excuse) requiring me to go to bed or not to come out on a trip is a handy lifeline.
How did our daughters and sons get so old?
Lane said…
Keep smiling. Your facial muscles will love you for it:-)
And Happy Birthday Rose x
LittleBrownDog said…
Gosh - an eight-day visit? How on earth did that happen? We have a strict three-day rule here (although a mix-up with train tickets did once mean we had the monster-in-law for Five Long Days, which nearly drove me into a padded room). Sorry - I'm not helping here - I'm sure it will all be fine (just make sure you let yourself have plenty of trips to the Purple Place).

Wishing Rose a very happy birthday (she must be a lovely Libran). And that's a very beautiful painting up there.
Pondside said…
Hi Chris - my deepest sympathy on the occasion of the dreaded visit from MIL and DIL. My FIL and step MIL once came for five weeks (5 weeks!) because we lived far away and they had to 'make it worthwhile'. Did I say that the Great Dane then had to go away on duty??? I think that was the year that my hair started to fall out.....and I got the facial tic!!!! GAWD it was a bad year. We ended up giving them our Westphalia and sending them off on a camping trip - of course then had to listen to a couple of weeks complaining about the state of the vehicle, the cost of gas, the lack of comfort etc etc etc
On another note - happy birthday to your Rose!
sally's chateau said…
Oh yes keep that smile glued firmly in place, I do so like the sound of someone that can make beds in a flash and clean bathrooms like a demon, as I suspected, you are a multi talented woman !!!
Fennie said…
Happy Birthday, Rose. And maybe you could give us all handy tips for flash quick cleaning and tidying. You seem to be bearing up well. Good luck.
Happy Birthday Rose. Hope you get through all eight days with your smile intact. Look forward to a big dollop of ME time . . . you will have earned it.
Learnt the skill with the beds working at the hospital in the hols...shall we have a race? Gyppy shoulders and all...should be good for a laugh!
Birthday wishes to Rose.
Loved whoever has renamed MIL to Monster IL...that will now stick!!
Just keep crossing the days off and keep all the little foibles as writing exercises for the next book.
Thank you for the star ...stands back in amazement! Gobsmacked! and there's nothing the matter with your mouth in that picture that I can see!!!!!
Oh Chris, I feel dreadful, been so busy lately and have only just read your lovely Blog, I did not realise it was your daughter Rose's birthday on 4th October. I must put a card up for her.

Interesting to know what Hotel in Norwich that was - I live only 12 miles from there. I love that Painting Chris.

Happy Belated Birthday Rose, hope you had a great day.


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