Silver Linings

Sorry about the muffled protests in the background: it’s Mrs Hyde. I’ve had to restrain her and keep her away from the keyboard. It’s always the same when we’ve had visitors; she has terrible urges to be indiscreet and it’s the only way I can control her.

Worries about family and nagging pain have made me feel out of kilter with the world but I’m trying not to let the black cloud overwhelm me so here, instead, are three things which have made me feel better this week: -

My dear friend, Jill, has sent me a lovely book called ‘Quotable Dogs’ by Milly Brown. I particularly like this one by Agatha Christie:

‘Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.’

Hmm, on that basis I might have to become a recluse.

We had an unexpected visit from Mr and Mrs Parents-of-Tracy-Next-Door bearing gifts. Some of you may recall that Tracy’s dad was taken ill a few weeks ago when the couple were looking after the house and we were able to help. The good news is that a change in medication seems to be resolving the problem. It was lovely seeing Tracy’s dad looking so much stronger and incredibly sweet of them to bring us flowers and wine as a thank you.

Tom and I walked along the estuary late yesterday afternoon. The sun had come out and we sat down on the rocks to watch the tide creep in and the boats pick their way across the tricky Cardigan bar to return to their moorings. It was just glorious sitting in perfect peace with the sun on my face, listening to the oyster-catchers and watching the waves. A far better tonic than any medicine.

Oh dear, Mrs Hyde has broken free and is performing her post-visitor ritual of running round the house in her nuddypantness playing the Foo Fighters and Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’ at full volume. I suppose I’d better do something before she scares the builders opposite – but that’s another story.

Hwyl fawr!

PS Don’t be taken in by the fact that the word count has stayed the same. There has been frantic activity behind the scenes and I now have several characters backed into a corner pleading for leniency.

Painting is ‘Black White Grey’ by Tom Tomos


lampworkbeader said…
Loved the blog, loved the painting. Hope all is well with the pain.
Ah if only some people would act as Madame Chrsities dogs the world would be a far more tranquille place! Tell Mrs Hyde to shift over I might join her, mind you not inteh nuddy pants dont want to scare teh horses!!!
sally's chateau said…
Would have loved to watch the oyster catchers with you x
Flowerpot said…
good to meet you, Chris! Are you involved in the novel race at the moment?
Anonymous said…
Dogs are incredibly wise aren't they! They always seem to know when it's supper time. And snack time.

And what a lovely gesture of your neighbours. The world isn't such a bad place really!

Crystal xx
Flowerpot said…
chrish - glad to hear you are still in the race and wonderful news about an agent! Yes I think rewrites are definitely sweated over - or I do! I've just finished my current wip which has gone to NWS and I'm mulling ideas for the next one so presumably I don't qualify at the moment?
By the way are you going to teh winter party in November? If so, I'll see you there!
elizabethm said…
sorry to hear you are still feeling rough (and yes to the dog response, cats do it too). a real pleasure to come to your blog for a bit of peace and quiet.
elizabethm said…
yep, a bit rough is right. sometimes keeping your head down is the best way. not a great hugger and not a great stomper either (can drink and laugh for england or wales though).
Pondside said…
Don't worry about the word count - it will all come out right in the end. Family and pain...or family&pain, or is it family=pain - this too will pass.
Posie Rosie said…
Loved the quote about the dogs, so true...The harbour sounded perfect...but as for Mrs Hyde, coming from a family of Hydes I quite understand!
annakarenin said…
Can't believe you managed to see your GP twice in an hour. When I was in Wales it invariably took two hours min to get through the door!! Can you imagine that with young children. Needless to say we very rarely bothered I normally just rung the surgery told them what I thought was wrong and what prescription I needed and hey presto no wait. Doesn't quite work like that here though, they expect to see the children annoyingly.

I think the wise words at the beginning of this blog should be permanently posted at the top of the comments room. Unfortunately we don't all have the benefit of an estuary boo hoo

Great to know the book is up and running again hope the shoulder follows suit.
What a lovely thing your neighbours did for you Chris. Best of luck with the book, so exciting, want to know more nearer publication date, then I can rush out and buy.

bodran... said…
I have that book too, my favourites
"The Greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him,and not only will he not scold you , but he will make a fool of himself, too. xxo I need a day on a beach!
Exmoorjane said…
Love the nuddy pants. Kill the cringing characters - they should be fighting for survival and, if they haven't got the guts for the fight, they deserve to be deleted. Ooh, harsh, harsh.
Re asbestos - several kinds, of varying nastiness, and many you can safely leave in situ providign you don't muck about with them at all (ie no drilling into ceilings or whatever). We have asbestos roofing tiles that we will happily leave....but our stuff is floating free and a bit lethal.
Did they get a survey? That should describe what they have. Or ask a canny builder. jxx
hello Chrish...hows the bra straps????? Glad to hear the old man from next door is on the mend was really worried about him...take it you are off chicken duty now!Really pleased headway is being made on the rewrite and so pleased with today's news re Rose.Party time beckons!!!
liz fenwick said…
Pleased to hear the revision are going a pace. It's funny how the word count stays the same when you really are working!

Loved the image of the dancing and the builder - split my coffee :-)
Tattie Weasle said…
Get thee to a Massage therapist - obviulsly once they've actually sorted out what is wrong! I'd send you Jim but he's mine - although as an ex Army PT instructor I'd better be careful what I say. I've some how signed him up as a personal instructor too. Shows what can happen to a lady when given a good massage...seriously do hope thay can sort the problem I have had terrible time with putting on and taking off clothes since January but now seems to be sorted with Jim...
So WHAT did happen with your visitors or would you prefer we look the other way whilst you go and lick your wounds.

Any progress with the shoulder?
Ferra bands...or some such name..giant rubber bands round the ordered by physio. My equivalent to your towel exercises I think!!Bra straps still a no go area..with rubber bands or without rubber bands!!!

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