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Friday 10 August: In the Basement
Spare a thought for Lily who has been down in the emergency room taking phone calls all week from farmers concerned about foot and mouth. Lily works for the Welsh Assembly Government and has volunteered to help see that callers get the information they need. So don’t shoot the messenger, folks, she’s doing her best! Actually Lily’s had some previous experience of dealing with all sorts of queries from the public when, after graduating, she did a stint working for BT and dealt with drunks phoning up to see what day is was (and then arguing back!) and lonely old people who wanted someone to talk to (what a comment on our society).

Sunday 12 August: On the Road
Stepson Two is putting the final touches to Clock’s debut album. In the meantime the band’s third tour has been announced, there are twenty-eight tour dates covering venues over much of the country. (see: ) Only those of you on far-flung islands will be excused. Do see them if you get a chance.

Monday 13: On the Wall
Tom, who is currently exhibiting at Art Matters, Tenby, The Apple Gallery, Godalming and St Dogmaels Gallery, is currently preparing for a solo exhibition at St Dogmaels. Look, I know I have a vested interest here but these are really exciting paintings so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that lots of people will come and see them (and, even better, buy them) when it opens at the beginning of September.

For those of you who live in Wales there was a really nice photo of one of Tom’s paintings in this month’s 'Pembrokeshire Life' in a feature about St Dog’s.

Tuesday 14 August: In the Black
One of the changes I’ve been asked to make for my rewrite is to make my work a bit darker. I’m currently feeling like the Fast Show’s Johnny Nice Painter making everything ‘Black! Black!’ I do have a dark sense of humour but have a terrible tendency to want to make all my characters likeable. Looks as if it’s No More Mr/Ms Nice Guy for some of them!

I’ve now rewritten three chapters; the word count is rather a crude guide to what’s actually happening as I’m busily ‘killing my darlings’. I’m finding that taking a knife to my book to cut out the parts that don’t move the plot forwards requires a steady nerve and some confidence that it’ll all work out in the end! Sheesh! I just hope it will be all right!

Wednesday 15 August: On the Coach
Sob! Rose is heading south tomorrow to resume the search for work. There’s only so much she can do on the Internet so she’s back to her Dad’s to look for vacancies in publishing. To any prospective employers out there, please find one bright, beautiful graduate complete with relevant work experience. She’s my baby so please look after her.

Hwyl fawr!
Painting is 'Steelworks, Port Talbot' by Tom Tomos


Wow - talented family.

Keep cutting and remember it is so that your 'darlings' can enjoy the daylight of being published.

Hope your daughter finds a job she enjoys and a company/boss who appreciates her.
FunkyMunky said…
Good luck with the rewrite ... I'm sure it will all work out well in the end, but it must be tough for you having to change so much of your work.

Hope your daughter finds a good job soon.
Suffolkmum said…
Fingers crossed for Rose. You do all sound so talented. The re-write must be excruciating, keep slogging away. Not that I'm the voice of experience - I managed a prologue/first chapter for the novel that's been in my head a while, but am now blocked - already! Doesn't bode well!
Elizabethd said…
I have small memories of St Dogmaels, having spent some of the war years there.
Gosh what a lot of talent in a family....but have you mastered talking to chickens yet? Can see the little graph is on the move...we are all here rooting for you...a giant purple shove drifting towards the Welsh Coast...or is that a thunderstorm?
Faith said…
A writer has to be ruthless to get published I suppose. It must be really hard. My daughter also looking for work - lets hope they both find it soon.
Grouse said…
Ah! It must be in the genes!(can you have step-genes?)

Anyway......if you are having trouble creating a dark side to a favourite character simply imagine you have just overheard her critising your daughter in the ladies loos................
Pondside said…
What a busy household! I'm sure it's hard to see Rose head off - but talent will out and she'll find something great, I'm sure!
Glad to see the little graph with such big numbers! You're moving ahead - now you'll just have to move ahead darkly...I like Grouse's suggestion on how-to! Good luck for the coming week.
You are a talented bunch indeed. Sure Rose will get something suitable very soon.

Just been catching up and left messg on last blog re re-write.
You WILL get there Chrish

warm wishes
liz fenwick said…
Keep going on the rewrite. It's tough I know but it should be a stronger book in the end. Make sure you save the cut darlings though - if not for this book then maybe for the next :-)
LittleBrownDog said…
Good luck for Rose - I'm sure a talented girl like she sounds will soon be snapped up. And I'll be looking out for Clocks' debut album.
muddyboots said…
clever lot you lot in wales!
Grouse said…
I am heading out to the 'tomato patch' (sic) with camera tomorrow as instructed............
I have just seen your comment re tomatoes on Sally's blog....high fives tomatophobic to another!!!! Yuk yuk and more yuk! Smell, taste, look, the whole thing...and to see anyone eat one like an apple makes me heave!
@themill said…
Wow - what a creative lot!
Good luck (and fortitude) with the rewrite.
Best of luck with the re-write Chris, and lots of luck too for Rose with seeking her new post, you two are so talented.

Posie Rosie said…
Oh I wish Rose well in her search for work. What an incredibly talented family you have, artists in all fields, music, painting and writing, I am really impressed, hope they all enjoy thier concerts and exhibitions and have a successful time.
Fennie said…
Like the rewrite monitor! I am reminded of old Sam Johnson's quip about (I paraphrase) 'when you think you've written a particular good section, strike it out, because anything you are particularly fond of won't be very good.' It is so true, just so true and it is one of the very hardest things to learn about writing.
running to catch up on all that has happenned, would you like madamge grognone to pop of and kill a few darlings for you, she is rahter rancid and not at all darlingesk so will wallow in being brutal to mr adn mrs niec! Onwards and upwards dear!!!

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