Cakes and Cadair Idris

After a particularly busy few weeks, Tom and I are off to the Fishguard Bay Hotel for afternoon tea thanks to very bargainous deal I’ve spotted on Travelzoo. It’s a beautiful day for a drive and the hotel’s in a wonderful location overlooking the harbour at Goodwick so even if the tea itself is a disappointment, we say to ourselves, we’ll still have a good time. Oh my goodness, what a treat we find waiting for us: service with a smile; a table with a view; a mini-bottle of Prosecco each; melt-in-the-mouth sandwiches; a very generous plate of delicious homemade cakes and as much tea as we can drink. How the hotel can provide such a splendid tea for such a modest sum is beyond me - but I’m certainly keeping a beady eye on those Travelzoo deals from now on!

Making the most of a fair weather forecast at last, we make plans to climb Cadair Idris later in the week and walk off all those cakes. We set off just before 7 am and arrive at the car park just as the sun comes up so we’ve got plenty of daylight to see us up and back. The weather’s glorious, plenty of sunshine, but cool in the shade.

As the climb gets steeper, it’s much more demanding especially at Craig Cau, the ‘rock wall’ where, having wound our way upwards, we lose height before the path takes us, once more, on a challenging scramble to the summit.

We’re well-rewarded for our efforts with superb views, but as we sit enjoying our lunch more climbers arrive. It’s hardly crowded but it’s time to make the descent.

As we make our way down, it’s apparent that many people have set out rather late in the day and I’m alarmed at the number of family groups in light clothing, unsuitable footwear and no wet weather gear. Earlier, we’d spotted a rescue helicopter practising manoeuvres and I find myself hoping that no one will need to be rescued today.

By the time we’re back at the oak woods, my legs are shaking with the effort (and I’m pretty fit!) and it’s getting harder to concentrate on placing my feet accurately. I almost feel I could do with being rescued myself but, oh, the sense of achievement when we reach the bottom really takes the sting out of the pain - as does the sight of a tea shop and the prospect of a pot of tea in the sunshine!


Angela Britnell said…
You deserved both tea session - must say I'd go for the lazy champagne one myself!
Joy Lennick said…
Hi Chris, You always make me feel guilty for being such a couch potato, but my excuse is being ancient in years...I have dabbled in yoga, pilates and tai chi in my time and danced a fair jig too, but these days - especially after tempting afternoon teas, -I ask to be directed to my hammock! All credit to you. xx
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks Angela, both were splendid in their own way but we certainly didn't have to work so hard for the first one!

Dear Joy, no need to feel guilty! I'm fortunate to be able to run and do some strenuous hiking... but I can barely touch my toes so I'm fairly rubbish at yoga! And anyone who's watched me 'dance' will tell you, I'd be the first to be voted off 'Strictly'! xx
Clare Chase said…
What a lovely post - both trips sound wonderful and it's great to see the photographs! x
Joy Lennick said…
Hi Chris, You can't put me off...I still think you're pretty special! (Come on, accept the compliment woman!) It's a strange thing, isn't it, that most of us feel shy of accepting praise! Even when it's due. All power to your legs. Best wishes. Joy x
Chris Stovell said…
Apologies for such a late reply. Thank you, Clare and Joy you are too kind (but I like you ;) ) xx
Flowerpot said…
Blimey - I climbed Cadair Idris 50 years ago - that's a horrifying thought! Glad you had such good trips though and well done for the climb. xx

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