Moments of Joy

“… because where can we live but days?” Kate Gross’s words from her Late Fragments a book I mentioned in this post, continue to resonate me in a year when it’s easy to be overwhelmed by so much bad, sad and downright stupid news in every direction. Another book which, to my surprise, has also stayed with me is Spark Joy, by Marie Kondo. On one level this playful little book is about decluttering but on another it’s a deeper reminder to choose the things that bring joy to your life. I’ve been wearing a frivolous pair of sparkly earrings even when they’re ‘inappropriate’ simply because they make me happy but this very busy month has also made me grateful for the good things in my life.

My annual eye examination, which is always an anxious time, showed that my eyes, for now at least, are stable. Hurray! 

The following day, Tom and I attended a birthday/anniversary party for my dear friend Hazel, one of the much-loved group of women I met at antenatal classes (we missed you, Rose). There’s a photo of us here… someone said we looked like an explosion in a paint factory!

We’ve had wonderful times with our precious granddaughters. Bee turned two and we celebrated her birthday on a glorious summer day on the beach at Barry Island where we had ice creams and an invigorating swim! Si and Rose came to stay and baby Joy went for a sail on Blue Nun at eleven weeks old.

My words to Holly Jollife’s lovely photos of a beguiling home on the Isle of Wight, appeared in the July Issue of The English Home.

And I received a beautiful new cover for Turning the Tide which is now published in Norway.


Kathryn Freeman said…
Wow, sailing at 11 weeks old - she'll have sea legs before she has walking legs :-) You're right, we need to grab those moments while we can, and I'm delighted to see you've grabbed a fair few recently. Keep grabbing!
Chris Stovell said…
I know - they were all very brave! Thanks for dropping by so quickly! xx
Unknown said…
Lovely pictures - sharing joy is a good thing to do! Angela Britnell
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you Angela, there's so much bad news around that I'm trying to focus on those small moments of happiness.
Frances said…
Happy Tuesday Chris!

I so agree with you about the importance of allowing good news and sunlight into our lives ...perhaps even more important than ever as so much negativity whirls around us.

I love the stylish new look of your blog page. As always, your Home Thoughts are wonderful to read.

Best wishes to you and Tom...and happy sailing. xo
Chris Stovell said…
Frances, thank you! I noticed that it wasn't loading properly on some devices so decided to update it... which took much longer than I thought so I'm glad you like it. I have been a poor blogger lately, both writing and reading. I have another very busy few weeks then I'm hoping to make more time to catch up with online friends - in the meantime there is always IG! xx

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