Ups and One Down

There’s nothing like a new baby to make everyone smile and this year we’re very lucky to have not one but two new babies in our blended family; Rose and Si’s new daughter and, in a few weeks time, my stepson, Tom, and his lovely fiancee, Amey, expect their first baby.

When Tom and Amey decide to get in a few early cuddles with the newest arrival, the rest of us quickly get in on the act too. It’s very special to see Ma with her great-granddaughters but naturally, because we want to take photographs, Baby Joy decides she’d like a really long sleep and Bee wears herself out chasing Grandad round the garden! We get there in the end with some lovely memories captured in pictures.

The next day we're in Worthing visiting Father-in-law who’s tripped up on the device he’s designed to hold a mat in place to stop himself tripping up… He thinks his foot, which has borne the brunt of the fall, is probably ok. Tom and I inspect the damage and decide it’s not at all ok. After doing the medical rounds, FiL ends up being treated for a broken toe and a deep cut, but I’m pleased to report he’s on the mend now. Phew!


Flowerpot said…
Lovely pictures, Chris and glad to hear some good news - despite the broken toe! Long may it last and the sun return. Hope words are flowing too...! X
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Sue... I could do with a few more days in the writing week but I'm not complaining! xx
Frances said…
Chris, having already asked you to deliver a cuddle to Bee, may I also request a cuddle for Joy! Hoping your father-in-law will have an easy recovery from his fall. I know only too well how surprisingly quickly a stumble can occur. xo
Chris Stovell said…
Frances, I'll happily deliver cuddles to both Bee and Joy! Thanks you for your kind comment for Father-in-law - poor man had quite a tumble. xx

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