An April Arrival

The last week of March passes with us fitting in a few urgent jobs ‘before the baby arrives’. Blue Nun is launched, I dash off to fit in a quick hair cut, I tidy every drawer and cupboard in the house because I’m fit for nothing else and I try not to ring Rose every five minutes to see if ‘anything’s’ happening. Nothing happens.

 After two weeks Rose is admitted to hospital and the waiting begins all over again. Two days and many more grey hairs later, the phone rings and I hear my son-in-law’s voice. ‘You have a new granddaughter,’ he tells me before we all start crying with happiness and relief.

Poor Rose has had a rough time of it, so I pop down to help out for a few days when Si has to go back to work. The first night I’m there I take the first night shift and sit up with this brand new person marvelling at her in all her tiny perfection. After all the speculation - boy or girl, names, hair and eye colour, personality - she’s here, a placid little soul (apart from the witching hours of crying!) with dark, thoughtful eyes and a pure gold dusting of hair. Welcome to the world, our new and very precious baby girl.

With all the comings and goings we've manage to spend some happy hours with this little miss, here seen out with Grandad and travelling incognito.

And finally, we squeeze in moment for ourselves and celebrate the good times with a walk up beautiful Carningli, Angel Mountain.


Flowerpot said…
Glad to hear about your new addition to the family, Chris, and that you're having a bit of walking time, too. Helps clear the head, doesn't it? Take care, Sx
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks for both, Sue. Yes, it really does! x
Frances said…
Dear Chris, I love the way that you've told this story. xo
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