Buzzing About With Bee

On the train to Cardiff again!
February 1st sees me in Cardiff again where Lily and Bee have been struck down with a sickness bug. By Friday everyone’s on the mend so I come home, but on Monday Lily is so ill we’re all fearful of meningitis. To everyone’s relief, it’s ‘only’ a severe, acute sinus infection, but since Lily can’t even stand without feeling sick and dizzy, I dash down to help with the mini-hurricane that is twenty-month-old Bee.

Poor Bee has had a rotten winter with a series of horrible colds and a perforated eardrum which has temporarily affected her hearing, but not her ability to make herself understood. Just after 6 am Bee bursts in, thrilled to bits to find me on the futon in the guest room. What to do first? Empty Nana’s handbag, exclaiming with delight over every item or take Nana’s running shoes for a spin?

Bee’s not the type of child to sit passively in front of the TV, although she is partial to a bit of Teletubbies and Twirlywoos, so most of the time we play. We take it in turns to ride her teeny-tiny trike (yes, she’s insistent that Nana must have a fair go), we dive in and out of her teeny tent and when Bee can stand it inside no longer (she’s an outdoorsy girl), we go out exploring and greet every cat, dog, magpie, dustbin man (she’s great mates with the bin men) we meet along the way.

In the afternoon we have a little snuggle whilst Bee tucks into a box of Peppa Pig raisins. Duplo Peppa Pig is close to my hand so I can’t resist poking her snout in Bee’s raisins. ‘NO!’ Bee tells her, which amuses me greatly.

After more games, it’s tea, bath - with huge belly laughs from a very small person as she flings water over us - and then I put Bee to bed. She sits on my lap for a last cuddle and a cup of milk then I lay her in her cot and listen to her wriggling around getting comfortable before her breathing settles into soft baby snores. Being Nana doesn’t get much better than this.

My going-home present.  Apparently it's a fire collage.


Clare Chase said…
What a lovely post! Sounds as though you must have had a tense time. I’m so glad Lily’s illness wasn’t as bad as first feared. The photos are charming and I *love* the idea of you taking it turns on the trike! x
mountainear said…
Such precious times aren't they? Making memories.

I'm so glad that baby Lily's not got meningitis - but I bet she still felt pretty rotten though.

I hope there are many more days like this for you - sans nurse's uniform though!

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