Our Summer

Yes, it’s been a while! There’s a limit though to how many times I can blog about sailing, running and spending time with family and friends without boring the collective pants off you. So here’s a glimpse of summer 2016 in pictures instead.

All the hard work Tom and I put in to get the boat back in the water has really repaid us.  We've taken every chance we can to go sailing.  A couple of days spend watching the world go by from Blue Nun feels like a proper holiday.

I've completed all three races in the Poppit Sands Race series - and I'm hoping that all the running on sand will help build up my stamina for the Cardiff Half this October. I'm also pleased to report that my JustGiving Page for Pancreatic Cancer UK now stands at £330 thanks to the kindness of many supporters.

I was delighted to be invited to write another feature to Alexander James’ photographs for the August edition of The English Home and, best of all, we’ve been very lucky to have spent lots of time with family and friends.

Tomorrow, by way of a change, I'm joined by guest blogger Pauline Barclay, who will be revealing the news about her latest novel. Do visit if you can.


Pondside said…
I've been looking at Tom's photos on Facebook and they are dangerous, as they make me think that another sailboat might not be such a bad idea after all. Then I remember the reality of Me and Sailing and I just enjoy the photos!
So, a trip this way may be planned for next year. I look forward to learning details!
Chris Stovell said…
Actually, Pondside, it's all been a lot calmer than I imagined; there have still been unscheduled adventures but so far it's been brilliant - and I haven't been sick! Will let you know how things shape up x
Frances said…
Dear Chris, what a fine summer you and Tom have been experiencing. Being outdoors in fine weather is a great summer choice. Indoors space, with its keyboards, can wait! Even so, I'm sure you are collecting all sorts of experiences and inspirations for your writing.

The sailing, with just enough adventures to keep you and Tom alert, must be great. I'm also so glad that you've been able to resume your beloved running. All those photographs tell of very happy days.

xo to you and Tom.
Chris Stovell said…
Dear Frances, thank you, we've had a very happy time and made the most of the good days. I'm hoping all this is refilling the creative well and the running has been a joy! Cxx
Chris Stovell said…
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