Raving, Waving and Racing

Xname and Yaxu at Bleach
The news from my consultant ophthalmologist is good, given the limitations of my myopic eyes with their defective tilted discs, but with my sight still blurred with drops we’re off to the south east to catch up with friends, family… and a rave.

Tom’s PhD research leads us to Bleach in Brighton and an algorave where music is generated from algorithms using live coding techniques. Having always felt a bit miffed to have missed out on raves and foam parties, I’m slightly disappointed that there isn’t a glow stick in sight. Actually there isn’t any dancing either - though the young man in front of us does go wild and nod his head from side to side at one point during the proceedings - but it’s certainly an interesting experience and I think my internal organs have now recovered from the bass notes.

After calling in to wish Stepson Two and his lovely girlfriend every happiness in their first home, we bring Ma back to Wales with us and introduce her to sailing. With her poor bad back, I’m a little concerned about how she’ll manoeuvre herself onto the boat, let alone cope with a full day’s sailing, but in true grit fashion, she not only copes but also throws herself into the role of crew, passing ropes and fenders and generally making herself useful. Her only complaint is that she’s waited until the age of 82 to begin.

After what’s been a hectic few weeks, we have particularly unusual and busy day which begins at crack of doom with a visit to the Boob Bus. I get my kit back on and then it’s off to change our poor old car, Le Beast - which has been run into the ground - for Le Beast Rouge, a newer model with far fewer miles on the clock. More expense. The day ends with me putting a few more miles on my own clock with the madness that is the first of the Poppit Sands Race Series, a 5k yomp over mud, stepping stones and energy-sapping sand. In a field packed with club runners and fit young men I come 91st out of 114 runners - 8 places up on my last attempt!


Flowerpot said…
Glad that mum enjoyed her first sail so much - good for her! And well done on everything you;ve done as well, Chris - I am in awe of the running, and glad your eyes are improving. Take care X
Unknown said…
What a busy time and great your eyes saw you through it all - pun intended! Well done to your amazing mother too what a woman :) Angela Britnell
Angela Lambert said…
Congrats on race.Nice post.
Chris Stovell said…
She was very brave, Sue. And thank you - it was a great relief to get the appointment out the way x

Thanks Angela - yes, I got some sleep again after the hospital appointment. I know - she is some act to follow!

Many thanks Angela (L). Appreciated!
Frances said…
Dear Chris, I am so glad that your eye check has given you some relief. There is just something very wonderful about hearing a doctor give you a good report. (I admit to still being able to remember the aftermath of some such reporting myself...I can picture myself walking along particular sidewalks, with a great smile on my face.

How grand for you Mom to have this sailing experience ... and to have thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo. Good for her to have been on board with some very skilled and experienced sailors.

And...although I still don't quite get the appeal of running, I truly appreciate what it does mean to many folks. And so, Chris, congrats and best wishes to you on your recent results.

xo to you and Tom.
Pondside said…
I am late to this post, Chris, but glad to hear the good news about your eye check-up. I think that I must have missed something somewhere. What is the Boob Bus????
And....your mother.....what a gal!!
So impressed with your running and with your mother's zest and determination. That is where you get it from!
Chris Stovell said…
So sorry to be so slow in my response to you kind comments.

Thank you Frances - I can imagine your smile that day! Cxx

The Boob bus is the dreaded mammogram - I'm grateful to have the check but I'm always pleased when it's over. Yep, Ma is still game to try something new. Thank you, Pondside Cxx

I have to run to keep up with Ma, Elizabeth, she's always on the go! Cxx

And now to catch up with your blogging adventures.

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