A Merry-Go-Round of a Weekend

Whilst Tom is busy on a research day at the University of Kent, I have a freewheeling day in Herne Bay which has more than a hint of Little Spitmarsh about it and it makes me wonder what my characters who live there are up to. There will be some fiction - it’s not that I’m short of ideas - but, gosh, as I’ve said many times here, with so many readers expecting to pay as little as possible for a full length novel, it’s a lot of work for scant reward. However, Herne Bay in the sunshine is a fine place to be - even though that North wind is a bit nippy on my bare legs (sorry about that, people of Herne Bay). I tuck myself away in a sunny spot in the municipal gardens to admire the triumphant tulip displays and read for a while then I take myself off for a walk round the pier. A wonderful display by the Herne Bay Cosy Crew who’ve ‘yarn-bombed’ the railings with their brilliant knitted and crocheted creations makes me stop in my tracks. It’s not just the art work, but the smiles on people’s faces that delight me - it’s such a lovely, playful idea. I buy myself a pot of tea and brave the icy wind so I can just sit and soak up the sights.

In the evening Tom and I find an unexpectedly good restaurant, The Oyster and Chop House, where someone really knows how to put a dish together. It’s not too expensive either and makes a wonderful end to the day.

Over the weekend we do the relly round and keep our fingers crossed for Stepson Two and his lovely girlfriend who are - if all goes according to plan - buying their first house. Exciting times.

It’s good to have some lovely memories in the bank because on Monday my eye test brings up worrying discoveries and a new referral to an ophthalmologist. Health wise, I’m pretty fortunate, but, goodness how I would like better eyesight and stronger eyes. The lesson, in the meantime, is to concentrate on the moment and keep soaking up all that is good and precious in this world. Whilst I’m sitting down absorbing the news someone sits next to me… it’s Julie Walters. I have a ‘one of our national treasures is sitting next to me’ moment before spotting Ma heading towards me. Ma’s feeling good because she’s treated herself to some new glasses, after getting every penny’s worth out of the pair she’s been wearing for ten years. I wonder, perhaps, if Ma is so distracted by her new specs that she hasn’t noticed who else is there, but no. Proving she’s still as sharp and eagle-eyed as ever, Ma leans in and tells Julie how much she loves her work. I hold my breath but Julie Walters smiles warmly back at Ma and thanks her. Happy faces, and some relief, all round!


Evonne Wareham said…
Glad the weekend was good and sorry about the recurring eye problem. As you say - live for the good stuff - but not always easy.
Unknown said…
Life is always a mixed bag isn't it? Hope all goes well with your eye appointments. Angela Britnell
Flowerpot said…
Good luck with your eye appointments, Chris - Im blind as a bat too so do sympathise. How wonderful to have met Julie W though! x
Irish Eyes said…
You've made me feel all nostalgic for the days when the fair would arrive; riding on the horses was my particular favourite and my poor mother was driven mad trying to get me to get down off them and try something else.
Best of good luck with the eyesight.
Julie Walters IS a treasure!
As always a lovely read, I have to play catch up as I have been hobbling around on a walking stick with a very painful knee and haven't been able to sit and type at my deski.
Long life and happiness to the new homeowners!
Frances said…
Chris, when I read your posts, I always realize what a fine writer you are. You take me right to the moment that you are describing! I could feel that breeze as your poured out a cup from that red teapot.

I know that you will be following the advice of your eye doc, and send you my best wishes. Vision is amongst my top favorite senses. I wonder which are my least favorites? I do like them all.

How cool to have your Mom speak right up to Julie Waters. She's a fave of mine, too, and I'm lucky to have seen her on the London stage, along with movies and television. I definitely would have chatted a bit with her. Just like when I had the good fortune to meet Dame Judi last year.

It's a small world...connecting is good.

xo to you and Tom.
Pondside said…
I really enjoy these glimpses of life in your part of the world - it's the attraction of blogging and reading blogs, for me. I hope that you will take good care of your eyes and that your ophthalmologist is a good one! Our eyesight is so precious!
Chris Stovell said…
So sorry not to reply sooner!

Thanks Evonne, it's all rather worrying but I'm trying to get on with stuff in the meantime.

Thank you Angela!

Sue, if there's one thing I wish for, it's better eyesight. I look after myself but I can't do a damn thing about my eyes.

I do hope you're on the mend, Oonagh. How very frustrating to be hobbling around - no rides on the horses just yet for you, but I hope you're much better now. And thanks for your lovely comments.

Frances, you're very kind, thank you. Ma would love to chat to Dame Judi - she's her absolute favourite - but she was very chuffed too to speak to Julie Walters who she also admire (and was lovely - so elegant too!).

I've been running around a bit, dear Pondside (like you) so the blogs have become a bit infrequent but thanks so much for your kind words and also for your good wishes. It's a worrying time.

Many thanks to you all for sticking with me. Cxx

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