Many a Slip

Ah, why did I talk about light at the end of the tunnel? Less than two weeks after we gathered as a family to celebrate my parents-in-law being married for a magnificent sixty years, my poor MiL is in hospital recovering from an emergency hip replacement having broken her hip in a fall. Our immediate concerns are to help both MiL and Dil get over the shock and to do what we can to assist MiL’s recovery.


Teresa said…
After what you've been through with your Mother in the past years I'm sure you'll pull, and help pull them, out of this stressing times.
These are hard time for all the involved but I trust, and will pray, that soon it will be a memory of what is also part of Family Histories.
Hang in there. I'll pray for all of you, recovery for MiL and strength for all of you.
Unknown said…
Hope things are steadily improving and that she'll make a good recovery - I know how challenging it is for you and am thinking of you. Angela Britnell
Chris Stovell said…
Teresa, you're very kind as always, thank you. Your good wishes are very much appreciated. Cx

Angela, thank you - you've had more than your fair share of parental challenges. Cx
Frances said…
Oh Chris, I am so sorry to hear of your Mother-in-Law's fall. Scary stuff, such falls. I'm going to be thinking of you all, and sending lots of positive vibes your way.

(May I mention that I like Tom's painting very much, and wonder if there might be others in this series?) xo
Oh no! I so sympathise. Your poor mother in law. Hope you can all pull together to get to a better place. Remember this so vividly with my fil. Thinking of you all xx
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about her fall. It's a good thing you guys are close by and can help with the recovery process. I'm sending positive healing thoughts her way.
Chris Stovell said…
Frances, the positive vibes are very welcome, as are your words regarding Tom's paintings. There are a couple more in the series, yes! Cx

Elizabeth, thanks - you've been there and know how this feels. Cx

Unfortunately it's a 500 mile round trip every time, Chanpreet, so it's going to be challenging but your healing thoughts are much appreciated. Cx
Frances said…
It's me again, Chris, sending along more of those vibes, and letting you all know I do hope that you'll show all of Tom's series. Greedy? Well, isn't visual greedy a bit different from other greediness?

500 miles round trip is a long way. Stay strong, you all. xo
Chris Stovell said…
Lovely to see you again, Frances - not greedy at all, you're right.
Yes, it's a long trip - one we're going to have to get used to. Thanks for everything, Cx
Pondside said…
I was thinking of you today, Chris, because I am in Edmonton. I wonder if you still have a little family here.
I am so sorry to hear about your MIL 's fall and surgery. What an end to a difficult year! I know that you will all pull together, but still I am concerned for you and your energy. Take good care of yourself too. Easy to suggest, I know, and sometimes hard to do, but the advice comes from caring and from experience!

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