When the Bough Broke

There was a moment last Tuesday evening when it felt as if the world was crashing down around us. 

Earlier in the day, my daughter had taken her new daughter to the doctor to discuss a red swelling that had appeared on the baby’s chest. Antibiotics were prescribed and a follow-up appointment made, but events took over. Our granddaughter was admitted to hospital that night and had emergency surgery the next morning for what had suddenly become a large abscess. 

I can’t even begin to describe what a traumatic time it’s been, but my granddaughter is now home, albeit with a truckload of antibiotics, painkillers and visits from the community nurses until her wound is healed. My daughter and son-in-law have been absolutely amazing and are hugely grateful to the NHS staff – out of hours, children’s’ assessment, the surgical team and everyone at The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital of Wales who took such great care of them. All I can do is add my heartfelt thanks to theirs.

In recovery: Dad-in-Law & Mum-in-Law meeting a brave little girl!


Maggie Christie said…
Oh wow, what a shocking time for all, but I am so glad to read that your granddaughter is now home. Like you I can sing the praises of the staff at the Children's Hospital of Wales and I know that your granddaughter will have had the best of care. Good luck to her for a full and speedy recovery.
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks so much, Mags - horrid time but, like H, she was very fortunate to receive excellent care. Let's hope we both have less to do with CHW in future! x
Flowerpot said…
That must have been so incredibly terrifying - am so glad she's home safe and well. X
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks, Sue. Absolutely - it's hard to keep a check on wandering thoughts in those circumstances. Hopefully all will be well now. x
Kathryn Freeman said…
So tough to see such a precious little bundle in trouble. She's clearly a tough cookie, as well as a cute one. Delighted it all ended well xxxx
Kitty said…
Thank goodness she's home and fine, what a huge shock for you all. Glad it's all turned out well xx
Sally Townsend said…
How horrifying for you all but so pleased to hear she has had such marvelous care and treatment. So far cannot find anything but praise for the care I have had on the NHS over here. x
How awful! I hope that everything continues to improve and that little Phoebe is soon better. What a worry for everyone.
Chris Stovell said…
It was a truly horrible time, Kate. Hopefully all going the right way now. Cx

Thank you, Kitty. Community nurses keeping an eye on her now and the wound is healing although the antibiotics are creating a bit of tummy havoc, poor thing. Cx

I agree with you about the NHS, Sally. Ma was treated rather shamefully when she fell and broke her shoulder a few years ago, but I can't fault the prompt treatment I received for skin cancer and two eye emergencies and I'm very grateful for the care my granddaughter has been given, Cx
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, so much Rosie. x
Oh no! I'm glad she was treated promptly and well. I'm also glad she's on the path to recovery. What a trooper!
Kath said…
Scary times, Chris! Wishing the little one a full and speedy recovery. x
Frances said…
Jeepers Chris! What a frightful time for you and your dearest ones. Thank goodness for the care the NHS has given your beautiful little granddaughter. May her recovery be steady and sure. May all you who love her so dearly have the golden opportunity to witness this recovery.

Love to you all. Lots of prayers being sent in your direction, too. xo
Oh chris, how terrifying for you all. So glad your little granddaughter is on the mend. With a son and two daughters in law who work in the nhs I am very aware of how hard people work and this sort of crisis is what they do so well. Hold them all close!
Lins' lleisio said…
Thank goodness for the amazing NHS. Glad to hear your granddaughter is home. x
Chris Stovell said…
Chanpreet, thank you. The treatment was very prompt, thank goodness and we're very grateful for it.

Frances, your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. Fingers crossed she's out the other side of this crisis now. Cx

Elizabeth, my goodness, don't they work hard? A few years ago, when Ma broke her shoulder, I was appalled by the lack of care she received and the attitude of the staff on the ward, but it's certainly true here that the NHS has risen to the occasion every time (and there's been a few now) we've had an emergency. I'm profoundly grateful for the care we've received.

I echo that, Lins, thank you. Cx

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