In the Pink

Yes!’ I hear myself exclaim, ‘and she’s very alert too!’ The shop assistants, who’ve been gathering round the pram making noises about how dainty and pretty my new granddaughter is, smartly return to work before Proud Nana can warm to her theme. It’s taken less than a month for me to become That Woman who attributes superpowers to her grandchild! 

I’ve come to spend a few days with the new family to help them catch their breath, but as Lily and I steer a wonky path, juggling new baby, new pram, new parasol and new sunhat on what should be a perfectly straightforward walk in the sunshine, I’m reminded of just how many complications one tiny little person can create! But, oh, so much joy and wonder too! 

 There’s nothing more flattering than the intent stare of a new baby in your arms, listening with rapt attention while you spout forth on everything from the birdies outside the window to James Naughtie’s departure from Today. It’s brilliant to see how quickly she’s changing and becoming herself… did I mention I’m convinced she can already say ‘hello’?

On Saturday, Tom picks me up from Cardiff and we drive to Bristol to help Rose and Si move into their new flat, along with Si’s mum and stepdad. Rose and Si are relocating from Surrey and we’re all delighted they’ll be so much nearer so it makes for a very jolly day. Here’s wishing them every happiness for their new adventure.

It’s been lovely spending time with all my girlies. My dad rather ambitiously hoped for six daughters, but my sister and I did our best to boost the number of women in the family by producing two daughters each. He would have been thrilled to bits to see my daughters getting on with their lives and to have had a great-granddaughter. ‘Our house has turned pink,’ says my son-in-law, Russ, at one point, looking a bit perplexed as he holds up a pile of little baby gros in every shade of the colour… all I can say, Russ, is that’s just the beginning!


Jane Lovering said…
I was never much one for babies, but even I can admit that your granddaughter is a beauty! And such a lovely time to have a new baby, when the weather is clement and long walks in the sunshine take the place of shivering indoors. Many congratulations all round (and she's sure to be a genius, she takes after her grandmother...)
Chris Stovell said…
Hehe! Like you, it's specific babies not babies in general that do it for me, Jane (and you've had five wonderful babies!). It is lovely to get outside - my two were born in January and October so little opportunity for getting some sunshine on their faces. Payment to follow, okay? :)
Teresa said…
NOW... aren't you tired of bragging? ;) ahahahah (kidding)

I'm so happy that you're living the dream. A pink dream where normal also happens - as is juggling the thousand of knacks babies "bring" along :D - and is overcome and lead to a path of the dream of witnessing the growth of an amazing human being that will touch hearts and lives of so many.

I wish you, and little bundle of joy - who is so much more beautiful and perfect than any human being has a right to be <3 - a Long Life filled with Joy and Happiness.

And a pink world is The Best, Russ. We wouldn't have you, Chris, good-old Tom... without the amazing and generous hearted pink awesomeness.

Stay that way, Chris - Happy and Thrilled. Dad must be too, dancing and bragging in Heaven. To feel that way, to think this way beats a Pulitzer every day. Though babies grow up... and you could use that happy energy and create an amazing book that would hold us - soon-to-be-grannies-but-whose-kids-think-have-all-the-time-in-the-world - through the Winters, Summers and all Seasons between.

Chris Stovell said…
Thank you so much for your good wishes and indulging me, Teresa... try not to encourage me, I could go on all day and aren't you glad you're not close enough for me to show you all the photos on my phone?!! Cxx
Grandbabies are always extra special and geniuses. Feel free to keep bragging. Pictures are also always welcome. :)

And it is a pink world, no matter how you look at it. I'm sure your father is watching from the heavens and overjoyed to see how his dreams are coming true.

I'm glad your family is all close by now!
Clare Chase said…
Lovely to read your happy post, Chris! So nice to have everyone close at hand. With two girls myself, I well remember the pinkification phenomenon!
Chris Stovell said…
Chanpreet, I'm glad you understand :). I will post photos when I can but I'm a bit mindful of a new family's privacy at the moment. It's a nice thought to think Dad might see those dreams coming true - comforting. Yes, it's great to feel they're closer. Thank you!

Clare, the new mum did try putting her daughter in blue but it caused a lot of confusion! I think the minute we heard it was a girl everyone celebrated by buying pink clothes - very sweet though!
Frances said…
I loved reading this post, Chris...your powers of granddaughter observation of fabulous!

I have two work colleagues whose daughters also gave birth to little girls in the past year, and am vicariously well aware of the wonders of that grandmother experience.

You are very correct in mentioning that there are many shades of pink to explore. xo to you and yours.
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you so much, dear Frances! I wonder if your colleagues have come back down to Earth yet! I've just realised at the eleventh hour that I had mixed up some dates and have narrowly salvaged the situation- my brain has turned to mush with all this new love it's feeling! Cxx
Flowerpot said…
Congratulations proud granny! Enjoy every moment! X
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks, Sue - I certainly am! x

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