Spring at Penbryn

It's a beautiful day!  Here are a few sights from this morning's walk to the beach...

The hedgerows in bloom:

The woods in dappled light before the canopy of leaves casts a shade (although there is someone lurking in the shadows!).

And a beach all to ourselves:


Oh my goodness Chris! Those are some beautiful photos! Enjoy all that natural beauty. :)
Chris Stovell said…
It was such a lovely morning, Chanpreet, so I couldn't let it pass without sharing a few photos. I'm glad you enjoyed them:)
Frances said…
Oh Chris, thank you for sharing this walk with us. Just imagine...you have your own quiet beach at the end of this walk. And better still...you can go back for another look tomorrow.

Really lovely. xo
Chris Stovell said…
It's a good job we made the most of it yesterday, Frances; it's been grey and overcast today! Cx
Irish Eyes said…
Love the pics, and have treated myself to a catch up. These days getting time to sit down and not freeze in a cold study is a luxury; however, here I am, and as Maxwell Smart used to say to 99, "...and loving it!..." Love the makeover, hope you are fully recovered from sinus dose, OH is on strong anti-b's at the moment with the same thing...not a good patient, and the wildflowers are fabulous. Makes me feel right at home. Off now to blog myself. Thoroughly enjoyed my catch-up! xx

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