Quick March

One of the down sides of living on the coast of west Wales – and there are plenty of up sides – is that we spend a lot of time on the road just travelling from 'A' to 'B'. This month looks especially busy but with lots to look forwards to. Still, one week at a time. 

First on the agenda, we’re collecting Ma so she’s here for her birthday on Friday and, all being well, to see me finish the Llanelli Half Marathon on Sunday. My dear friend, Ann, got me into running when she introduced me to Epsom Allsorts, an all-women’s group with formidable skills in talking and laughing whilst running. The club highlight was the dreaded Hogsmill Run and one year I enlisted my parents for a bit of additional support for the final stretch. All I could hear as I headed for the finish line was Ma bellowing, ‘COME ON CHRISTINE!!’ so I’m hoping that her presence will give my feet a little extra lift on Sunday.

Taking those first steps with a club introduced me to racing, gave me the taste for running by myself and the confidence to enter half marathons. Short of anything unforeseen happening to stop me completing the race, this Sunday will be my seventh half marathon. Seventh! I’ve been running for so long now that I’m in the oldest age group and feel like Granny Grumps lining up with a load of thirty-somethings. Still, it’s hugely enjoyable (apart from the first mile which is always hell) and means I can eat pretty much what I like so I hope to keep running for as long as I possibly can.

In other news, I’d like to thank lovely Flowerpot for nominating me for this blog award and whose own blog about living, walking and sailing in Cornwall is always an enjoyable read.

So, three things that have recently inspired me:
  • The rooks have returned to the rookery to rebuild their nests. A welcome sign of Spring… but where do they go the rest of the time? I read Crow Country by Mark Cocker to find out more about these fascinating (to me) birds.
  • Running (again); those long, solitary miles repair, restore and inspire.
  • My family; it’s their love that makes everything else worthwhile.

If anyone would like to take up the baton, please consider yourself nominated. All you have to do is link to my blog and display the award logo then nominate other bloggers in turn with links and a comment to let them know what to do.


Jane Lovering said…
Since I am still feeling as though a fast stagger is the most I will ever achieve in the future, my eyes are watering at the thought of a half-marathon! Have a great run.
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks a lot, Jane - I just enjoy it... but especially when I've finished. Maybe it's 'having run' that I like best?!
I ran for a number of years but it was too much for my knees. I injured my right knee in a car crash when I was 23 and it never healed properly. Now when I run for long periods of time it begins to throb and ache.

I do miss running! I jump rope instead. It gives you the same cardiac workout as running.

Congratulations on running 6, almost 7, half marathons! Way to go Chris! You may be a granny, and older than the other women in the group, but you're no less talented. In fact, you an be the cool granny!
Frances said…
Chris, please wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday from me. It's grand that she will be on hand to cheer you on during the half-marathon.

As I've previously confessed, I would never have been a runner, and really marvel at folks like you who do keep on keeping on. Continuing best wishes to you!

Flowerpot said…
Chris you are amazing - 7th half marathon? Blimey! I enjoy a run on the beach but couldn't do what you do - best of luck and thinking of you. Oh and happy birthday to your mum too! XX
Chris Stovell said…
I do a bit of skipping, Chanpreet ... usually 2 mins before I feel my legs are about to explode!

Frances, thank you - just about to write the rest of the story!

Thank you, Sue - have passed both yours and Frances's birthday wishes to Ma.

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