Ready Steady Go!

Kicking off what turns into a whistle-stop of a fortnight, Ma’s blood pressure goes through the roof due to a misunderstanding over her medication. Tom’s dad – suffering from a troublesome infection – is required to take a sample to hospital, but as he and Tom’s mum cross the road to get there my mother-in-law misses the kerb, falls flat on her face and ends up in A&E. Then Rose rings to tell me she’s tried a spot of self-trepanation by slipping against the corner of her car door and boring a hole in her forehead.

As fate would have it, we have a funeral to attend in the south east which means we can do an extended relly-check while we're there. From west Wales we drive to Surrey to see Ma, who’s back in rude health (very rude, eh Ma, with that naughty quip!) and looking very perky. We then drive to West Sussex to find DiL on the mend, but poor MiL looking very bashed about. The following morning we drive to Canterbury for the funeral, Herne Bay for the wake and then to Tooting for a curry to catch up Rose, Si, Stepson Two and Girlf before returning to MiL and DiL's. The next day we set off for lunch with dear friends in Fareham then dinner with Lily in Cardiff before finally heading home and collapsing into bed just before midnight. All in all, we’ve covered some 800 miles - no wonder our cars take a pounding!

While all this is going on – between the numerous phone calls to nearest and dearest - I’m interviewed by Bethan Marsh of the Carmarthen Journal following my chat in Tesco to the newspaper’s editor. It’s lovely to have great support from a local paper, although the words, ‘when are you in for our photographer?’ make me feel a bit wobbly. Nevertheless, we agree a time which is all fine and dandy until I come in from a vigorous run to a message that the photographer is in the area and would like to pop round earlier than arranged. As in, ‘within the next hour’. ‘No problem,’ I reply – foolish words as I spend the next forty minutes employing every weapon known to womankind trying to transform myself from sweaty-Betty Cavewoman into someone vaguely camera- ready. I might look calm in the photo – but it was utter mayhem in the minutes leading up to it!

And finally, it’s only three weeks until the Llanelli Half Marathon so my aim is to try to stay lurgy and injury-free. Tom, however, is not so lucky – an early-morning scuffle with a chest of drawers leaves him with a black, probably broken, little toe… I do hope that’s the last of the current run of accidents.

The painting is 'Coast - Winter's Day' by Tom Tomos


Jane Lovering said…
Ah, a calm life is no place for a writer! I hope everything settles down for a while and you stay intact for the half-marathon! PS, you look lovely in that picture, very relaxed and writerly.
Chris Stovell said…
We wouldn't have anything to blog about, would we, Jane, if it was all lying around eating chocolate... still. And thank you, you're very kind but it took a mahoosive feat of woman-engineering (and a good photographer - thank you, Tim)to get to that!
Clare Chase said…
Blimey, Chris, you have been having a time of it. As Jane says, you look wonderful in the picture, in spite of all your trials and tribulations. Hope you and all the family have a much easier time of it in the coming weeks, and best of luck with the half marathon.
Frances said…
Chris, I like the photograph of you very grand for you to be interviewed on this important topic, and...perhaps attract some new readers, too.

Best wishes to the rest of your injured family members. What an amazing collection of accidents, eh?

Please tell Tom how much I like his painting. xo
Chris Stovell said…
Calamity all around, Clare, so I do hope we're coming out the other side. Many thanks for your kind comments and good luck wishes.

Thank you, Frances - the photographer was very friendly and helpful so it's down to him. I'm also grateful to The Carmarthen Journal for giving me the opportunity to talk to the paper. And yes, as the family went, you couldn't really make it up! Tom will be pleased you like the painting. Cx
That's a lot of accidents Chris! I'm glad everyone is doing alright and is on the mend. Hopefully Tom's toes isn't broken but if it is, it should heal quickly.

You look beautiful in your photograph. You can't tell there was a mad dash before it was taken at all.

I hope training for the half marathon is coming along well. I love the new shoes.

Hopefully the coming weeks will be pain free for all and a little easier. The painting is lovely! Does Tom sell them?
Chris Stovell said…
We do seem to have had a time of it lately (again) Chanpreet! Thanks for the advice re the toe which seems to be on the mend. And thanks too, for your kind words about the photo. Tom does have an online gallery (link on the blog sidebar) is you want to see more of his paintings. He'll be delighted you liked this week's.
Guernsey Girl said…
I felt worn out just reading your blog post, Chris. It makes the writing seem easy by comparison! Lovely photo.
Chris Stovell said…
It was a busy week, Marilyn! Trying to find a bit more time for writing this week. And thank you.
Irish Eyes said…
I am fully convinced that February is out to get me...and by the looks of it, it is hitting out all around. I took a fall last Friday, - tripped on some gravel, measured my length and by the grace of God or a benign Being, didn't break anything, the feeling of just been whacked by a sledgehammer is there something in the air I don't know about???
Sympathies going your way on loss which caused attendance at funeral, heartfelt sympathies to all the family who wound up battered and bruised, and WOW lady, do you look fabulous in the photo or what. If that's you throwing it all together in a rush, you rock rushing my friend!!!
Hopefully March will be a kinder month! says she gloomily.! Still, Galway here we come...and to stay...not just a train trip! AH! the power of positivity...ramble over. Loved the blog, as always. XX
Pondside said…
That's a beautiful photo, Chris! You look calm and serene - we'll be the only ones to know that you were treading water very fast below the surface!
Flowerpot said…
Lovely picture Chris - and good luck of the half marathon. Nominated you for a blog award over at my place don't worry if you're busy!

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