Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

September arrives in mist
Having won the ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’ battle for the first time in ages, I get up to make tea to find a truly autumnal start to the month with mist obscuring Cardigan Bay. Eight years of living in the Welsh countryside have made us acutely aware of the changes marking the passing seasons. Over the last week, the colours of the leaves have changed on a daily basis; the wash of green is now tinted with reds and golds and the hedgerows are jewelled with berries. Country living’s also opened our eyes to the possibilities nature’s abundance offers. After the success of our elderflower champagne – which has added a real note of celebration to summer evenings - we went out last sunny Saturday, to gather elderberries and blackberries to make red fizz to brighten up the darker nights.
We're keeping an eye on those sloes!
Taking a few elderberries from several trees
Elderberry fizz in the making!
Given I have extreme Tomato Phobia, I stayed out the way when Tom used our crop of tomatoes to make chutney...
From this...

... to this
But I'm always happy to see our sweet peas...

In other news,
 first reports from the Little Family in Canada are all good, Tom’s leg is healing and I’ve now run 164 miles in training for my Cardiff Half! On Sunday, I learned that just because a 12 mile run is training run doesn’t mean it should be treated lightly! A two hour run in the sunshine with very little water and using isotonic drink for the first time did not end well. A useful lesson before the race!


Jane Lovering said…
All looks lovely! I now augment dog walks with blackberries, and your blog has acted as a reminder to me to go down to the bottom of the garden and check the damson trees. Ah, Autumn, so wonderfully prolific, shame it has to be followed by winter!
Flowerpot said…
Yes I'm gathering blackberries too - that chutney looks amazing, and good luck with the run on Sunday. Sweet peas are my favourite x
Clare Chase said…
Lovely atmospheric post and pictures! Really glad to hear things in Canada are going well, and very best of luck on Sunday.
Chanpreet said…
Autumn is rapidly encroaching on Summer. The fruits look lovely and I'm sure will make a fantastic drink.

Glad to hear the family is doing well and so is training!
Irish Eyes said…
Not a tomato person myself, I have to admit, unless it is in chutney or sauce...well hidden from my taste buds...we have a good run of blackberries too, and OH has been enjoying them with ice cream for the past couple of Sundays. The foxes grab the lower branched berries, while we get the ones they can't reach. Tom's chutneys look lovely and tasty.
Isn't it amazing how early the colours are changing? We have holly berries that are fully ripened, and with our luck, every bird within a twenty mile radius will leave us without our usual Christmas decoration. It has been years since I have seen so much fog in the bay. We would really appreciate it if you didn't try to kill yourself running without hydration. We need more blogs and books!
Frances said…
Chris, I'm glad that Tom's on the mend, and the Canadians are doing well, and you now will be careful on those preparatory runs.

Now...on to thanking you for all these gorgeous late summer into early autumn scenes. It's fun to compare what you've shown with what I've been seeing in Central Park.

Wishing I could go berry picking, though. xo
Chris Stovell said…
So true, Jane!

Thanks, Sue x

Thank you Clare - the race isn't until the 5 October.

Chanpreet, we can almost watch the leaves turning now!

Oonagh, many thanks for your good wishes - I'm being more careful now! x

Frances, it is interesting to compare our neighbourhoods, isn't it? I always love seeing the photos on your blog. x

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