Running, Climbing and Tumbling

Waiting at the top of the road for a GPS signal
Come on, let’s go for a run. I need to blow the tiredness away, that big ol’ August moon last night kept me awake, walking the garden and lighting up the house the way it did. Four miles, okay? We’ll talk along the way.

First, get a signal then it's uphill all the way...

Well, that's the first hill.
And talking of climbing, Follow A Star received a lovely boost yesterday when it was picked for the Kindle Daily Deal. I’m very grateful to anyone who buys my work. No ‘buts’. In a busy world where mobile devices provide instant access to cheap or free content, it’s a privilege when anyone bothers to make the time to read one of my novels. My supportive friends are often amongst the first to set the review ball going which is always heartening, but I’ve also started to receive some lovely reviews for both Follow A Star and Only True in Fairy Tales from the band of dedicated book bloggers who wade through mountains of books and help spread the word. Huge thanks to them. Of course some readers think my books are pants, but hey, you can’t please everyone.
This pair's been here for months...

The half way mark. Our nearest shop. 
I seem to have recovered from my pulled calf muscle, but Tom and I came home from a day out to discover the glass door on our wood burning stove had cracked in two. It hasn’t even been lit for months! Then on Saturday I was at my desk while Tom replaced some guttering when I heard the kind of crash that you instantly know isn’t a good noise. Tom had overbalanced on the stepladder. Apart from being thoroughly shaken, the worst damage seems to be this scrape – in the great scheme of things he got off lightly, but I think I might just make sure I’m footing the next time he climbs a ladder.

And after that, let's look at something more pleasant. The view across to the Preseli Hills.

And finally, down hill towards the sea and home...


Frances said…
Wow, watch out for shaky ladders. That looks like a rather nasty gash. Hoping the healing is speedy.

What a contrast from those lovely photographs you took along the way of your run, Chris. The landscape is amazing.

I actually took my own 'moon walk" last night after sunset, to see that huge and very bright full moon rise over the tree tops of Central Park. It was a fine show, and fun to see that I wasn't the only neighborhood resident who'd felt the lunar pull.

Wishing my camera had been able to disregard all the ambient electric lights and capture the light of the moon. Alas, no. But I can still see that view in my mind's eye.

Irish Eyes said…
Lovely, lovely blog Chris. Love the pictures, they made me feel at home. Isn't the moon wonderful these nights. On Sunday night I took a wander for ten minutes in the garden that turned into an hour; last night I sat at the dining room window and watched foxes dancing on the lawn and the badger rip holes in the same lawn seeking leatherjackets. OH's face this morning was another picture. Hope Tom is better, I took to anchoring himself on ladders years ago after he nearly broke his hip. I'm going back for a second read.
Chanpreet said…
I do hope that nasty looking gash is healing well! You and Tom need to be more careful! It seems every week one of you is getting hurt.

I'm glad Follow a Star is doing well. People will always have their own opinions and some will just be cruel because they can. Jealousy is a horrible thing.

Thanks for the lovely photographs, minus the one of the pants. ;)
Flowerpot said…
That run looks great - do hope the gash heals quickly. Take care and so glad Follow a Star is doing so well - I loved it!
Georgina Troy said…
Looking forward to reading your latest book! That gash looks nasty, I hope it heals soon.
Jane Lovering said…
Isn't it unfair that hills never really show as hills in photographs? And how lovely that your run has a shop half way (how convenient...). Glad to hear that you are both recovering from your injuries (maybe the power of the moon has something to do with that?)
Pondside said…
What a lovely run that was, Chris. I feel very well after it - not out of breath at all.
The Great Dane is banned from all ladders - he knows the consequences will be dire if I learn he has been climbing!
J Wake said…
Poor old Tom seems as accident prone as I am. Perhaps he should stay off the ladders.
Chris Stovell said…
It's looking very bruised, Frances. I can just imagine that full moon over Central Park. Stunning - but, as you say, hard to capture with a camera!

IE you made me laugh with your story about the badger ripping holes in the lawn. I bet OH wasn't too impressed. Thank you - yes, I've been anchoring since then!

Chanpreet - we do seem to have gone through one of those phases. I hope that's the end of our run of accidents! And thank you for your kind comments about Follow A Star.

Many thanks, Sue - I'm so glad you did!

Thanks, Georgina!

Chris Stovell said…
Jane, it's so frustrating - I've climbed some walloping hills and they don't show!
Chris Stovell said…
Pondside, I shall have to introduce a similar ban! Glad you enjoyed the run - we'll do the 90min run on Sunday!

Gosh, yes, Jules - I'd forgotten about your ribs. All ok now?

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