The Fullness of Time

Some of you may remember this. It’s just over a year now since what I thought was a teeny, harmless patch of eczema turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma. I’d neglected to take it seriously for so long that quite a chunk had to be removed from my arm. At the time, I wasn’t in the least bit worried about the scar, I was simply very grateful to the consultant for his prompt treatment, but for anyone who might still be reluctant to visit their GP for fear of what the consequences might be, let me also show you this.

Nope, there’s not much to see at all, and that small scar just reminds me – as if I need it – to be careful in the sun.

Blog time has got away from me this year for various reasons, some of which have been outlined in previous posts. Tom’s had some ups and downs following his fall from his bike after his charity ride as it’s become clear he’s done a bit more damage than we first thought, but hopefully he’ll be sorted soon. In better news, it was an incredibly proud moment when we heard he’d been awarded Arts and Humanities Research Council funding for his PhD proposal – but, my goodness, he really had to put in hours of very meticulous work for it. I’m just so pleased for him that all the hard work was recognised. 

May Day brought a bonus bit of good news from my publishers, Choc Lit, which I hope to share soon. With that and the final preparations for the publication of ‘Follow A Star’ I’ve been very busy on the writing front. Every new cover I see beneath my name on my Amazon Page is as thrilling as the first time, but always brings a tinge of sadness that my dad didn’t live to see it. Next month, it’ll be nine years since his death. Nine years which have gone in the blink of an eye, reminding me to make the most of every day. I’m sure he would be very pleased to see that his music system, which now sits in our house, is still doing excellent service. Time may have moved on, services like Spotify enable us to access a world of music in an instant, but there’s still nothing to beat Dad’s big old Wharfdale speakers when it comes to sound quality!


Jane Lovering said…
Lovely to see that the doc left such a neat little scar! And well done to Tom for the funding - he's not doing hoola-hoop studies, is he?
Frances said…
Chris, it's good to see this catch up. It is amazing how those scars do fade, bit by bit. I try to use my own as encouragement to other folks who are debating whether to visit a dermatologist about That Something.

Congrats to Tom!

You've now got me so curious about the Choc Lit news to come.

Chanpreet said…
Thank you for sharing the scar with us. When I think back to how lackadaisical I've been about sunscreen use and other protection from the sun I cringe. Even now I'm doing what I could be to protect my skin. It's a reminder to be vigilant and proactive.

I can't wait to hear the Choc Lit news. I'm hoping for lots of new books! (Fingers crossed.)

Congratulations to Tom on the funding! Well done!
Jean Helsby said…
Thanks to you Chris, i visited my GP and too was diagnosed with a BCC, and had it successfully removed. Glad to see how good your scar is, plenty of Bio oil i guess! xx

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks Jane - and I reckon he ought to get hoola-hooping studies thrown in as a bonus after the application process. Worth it in the end though!

Hello Frances, my posts have been a bit thin on the ground this year so I'll try to schedule a few more in - and catch up with what other bloggers are doing! Yes, it is amazing how the body does its best to repair itself. Ma's scar after smashing up her shoulder so badly is hardly noticeable now. As for our experiences - much better a scar than a BCC. Hopefully will share my CL news soon. x
Chris Stovell said…
I hope it isn't too graphic for some people, Chanpreet, but I wanted to show anyone who might be worried about the scarring after treatment that it does improve with time and is much better than the alternative. And than you re the news. Will let you know asap and will also be in touch re Follow A Star! Yes, good news for Tom - I may be a doctor's wife in due course!!

Jean, yes, my GP told me to use Bio oil - and was very sceptical but it made a noticeable difference (probably due to the massage and keeping the skin soft as much as anything) but I'm a convert now! I'm SO glad you sought treatment. Cx
Flowerpot said…
Glad the scar's healed so well and hope Tom has more ups than downs. Choc Litnews eh?
Pondside said…
Thank goodness for a skilled Doc! You can wear that scar proudly - and pass along that good advice to be careful in the sun.
Cara Cooper said…
Snap Chris, had one very similar removed from my thigh and had a similar small scar. Only thing was, the clinic didn't go wide enough so had to go back to the hospital and had it done again. Pleased I did though as the doc told me people had neglected them and deeply regretted it for obvious reasons. Brave and fearless, that's us. (Well not actually, as I was a bit frit but it was all okay in the end!)
Ian had one removed from his back and, like you, the scar has healed very well. It was a bit of a wake up call I think to a man who had refused sun screen for years on the grounds that he didn't burn!
Chris Stovell said…
Sue, hopefully ... and thank you!

Pondside, I remain very grateful for the prompt attention - diagnosed with cancer, treated and cured within a couple of hours!

I was very frit too, Cara! Nothing like hearing the word 'lesion' to raise your blood pressure. The main message though from both of us is 'if in doubt, check it out'. Far more important to get early treatment than worry about 'wasting' time.

I'm glad Ian's got sorted, Elizabeth. Does he wear sun protection now? I don't take any chances these days - and I thought I was careful before - we live and learn!

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