Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop

As a member of the Coastal Romance Facebook group, I’m taking part in our wonderful Christmas Blog Hop, organised by talented author, Annie Seaton. There are giveaways between now and Christmas Eve and a chance to win 26 great stories and a $100 Amazon gift voucher. But first this is what the coast means to me…

I’m far from being a natural sailor. I’ve sailed round half of Britain with my head in a bucket for the sake of a man who is never happier than when he’s surfing through molten glass waves with the wind filling the sails. I’m grateful for my creature comforts and that doesn’t mean a strip wash in a bucket or waiting for my teeth to stop chattering so I can pray for my freezing sleeping bag to warm up.
In calmer waters!

How strange then to discover that it’s only through being completely out of my element, sailing this beautiful and wild coast of West Wales, that I have felt most alive. The artifice is gone, the modern world recedes, the soft support systems stripped away; you come face-to-face with yourself. It’s long lonely passages at sea, nights at anchor, gently rocking under a sliver of a new moon which have brought me happiness and love, given me the space and peace to make clear decisions and enfolded me during the pain of bereavement.

Those memories also worked their way into my imagination and into my writing; Turning the Tide began when I ‘saw’ an image of a troubled young woman sitting by the water’s edge. Move Over Darling, my second contemporary novel, is influenced by the Welsh coast where I live and for Follow a Star, which will be published by Choc Lit next summer, I couldn’t resist returning to the fictional seaside town of Little Spitmarsh, the location of Turning the Tide. Here’s a bit about Follow a Star

Sometimes your heart’s the only navigator you need… 

May Starling’s had enough of her demanding career and even more demanding ex. Responding to a ‘crew-wanted’ ad, she follows her dreams of escape only to find herself at sea with red-haired Bill Blythe. 

Bill warns May that close-quartered living can create a boiling pot of emotions, but even May is surprised by the heat building up inside the vintage wooden boat. And when May and Bill tie up at Watling’s Boatyard in Little Spitmarsh, May’s determined to test her new-found feelings on dry land. 

But May’s dream of escaping her former life is in danger of being swept away when several unwelcome blasts from the past follow her ashore, all seemingly hell-bent on reminding her that it’s never that easy to clear the decks.

For your chance to win a bonus prize of a copy of Move Over Darling simply leave a comment below saying who you’d like to be marooned at sea with and I’ll pick one lucky winner on Dec 8.

And you can enter the Coastal Romance Christmas Giveaway here
























Margaret Hughes said…
Not so much a who as a what, but....I would love to be marooned at sea with a big trunk full of all of my book boyfriends! Just thinking about having some alone time to cuddle up with my BBF's has my heart racing! LOL! I can't remember the last time I've had more than an hour alone to indulge in my books!
Chanpreet said…
That's a tough question. Hmm...I'd like to be marooned with books and a satellite phone. Otherwise a hunky survivalist to help me get back when I was ready to would do in a pinch as well!
Helen said…
Sounds like a great story :-) as for who I would like to be at sea with Hugh Jackman :-)

Have fun
Helen said…
Sounds like a great story :-) as for who I would like to be at sea with Hugh Jackman :-)

Have fun
I would want to be marooned with my husband. He's a lover, a philosopher, a poet, a humorist, my best friend and the love of my life.
Chris Stovell said…
Wow! Lovely to come here and see the comments. Welcome new visitors!
Margaret, that's a great answer - a BBF for every mood! I'd like some more to time to cuddle up with a good book too!

Chanpreet - that's made me laugh... I like your thinking!

Helen, I think you'd quickly have company if all the Hugh Jackman fans discovered where he was! Thanks for visiting.

Elizabeth, that's SO romantic. There have a been a couple of occasions when I've longed to be air-lifted OFF our boat, but on the whole I'm happy to be with my favourite skipper, Tom.
SherryGLoag said…
Well it may seem corny but I'd love to be marooned with Colin Firth's Darcy!

sherrygloag @gmail dot com
Chris Stovell said…
Sherry, I think you'd better get yourself a cruise liner too - if it's corny, you're in good company and your boat's going to be very popular! Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Chris,

Annie Seaton's a lovely author. I like Jenny Schwartz too. You're brilliant as well, of course!

I have my copy of Move Over Darling and I'm waiting for the chance to move back to Little Spitmarsh again. That should be fun....
Pondside said…
Wow Chris - you are productive!! Congratulations on the new book! Perhaps this one will bring you out to the Pacific Northwest - lots of inspirational coast line here, and Tom would be happy too, I'll bet.
If I were to be marooned, it would be with The Great Dane. I've always said that he can do anything, with anything, anywhere - resourceful man! There's that, and there's the fun factor - I don't have as much fun with anyone else as I do with him!
Chris Stovell said…
Hi Maria, Thanks for your kind words ;) I've been introduced to lots of new authors through the Coastal Romance group which is great. Do enter the draw, won't you?

Pondside, I'm forever hopeful of seeing your part of the world... just need to sell quite a few more books first! I think I'd have taken a bet on you taking the Great Dane on your voyage! Good to hear from you.
Bette Hansen said…
Your book looks lovely and would love to read. As far as being marooned on an island I would have to be honest and say I'd like to have George Clooney!! Just love that guy.
Chris Stovell said…
Hi Bette, Sorry I've only just picked this up - pesky internet has been playing up. I think you'll be another popular lady who'll be swamped with rescuers once they know who's aboard with you! Thanks for visiting.
Chris Stovell said…
Oops sorry - late to reply as my internet connection kept dropping out! The comments were all so enjoyable that we put all the names on a piece of paper and my lovely assistant picked one out at random. Congratulations CHANPREET!

Chanpreet, I'll DM you on Twitter re addresses!
Flowerpot said…
I'd like to be marooned at sea with Mr B, but failing that it would be Ellen McArthur! I reckon she'd teach me a lot and I'd be a much better sailor by the end of it, whereas a bloke might not be so generous with his knowledge. (Mr B apart.)
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