Away, Home, Away, News.

I never take Tom’s support for my work for granted and always count myself lucky to have someone who puts up with me and my imaginary friends. However, it’s always good to return the favour. Tom’s about to complete his MA in music and last week we did an overnight stay in Milton Keynes where he was presenting an academic paper at the Open University. I worked in the Hub which was very comfortable though strangely devoid of what I would recognise as students. Whilst I couldn’t attend the lecture it was just brilliant to be there to see Tom’s face when he came out and know that his presentation had gone well.
The view from the Hub

On the home front, we’ve been enjoying this rare spell of glorious weather with visits from MiL and DiL and Lily and Russ.

DiL, MiL and Tom at Fishguard, post-ice creams!

I’ve also been reorganising my study which involved moving what felt like a never-ending pile of books into the hall. There are bookshelves all over the house, but these are just some of my ‘keepers.’

On Friday morning, I’m leaving at crack of doom (trying not to faint on the train this time) to attend the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference in Sheffield – further reports to follow! Then the following weekend, it’s Tom’s turn and a trip to London for a music conference.

Between visitors and trips, I’ve been playing with ideas for a novella and Book Four. This is the ‘coasting’ stage where I pick up and discard ideas until it all starts to hang together – a real contrast to the other end of the creative spectrum when I’m living and breathing every moment of my imaginary world. All the intensity of those last weeks feels worth it when your publisher writes to say ‘yes’. I’m delighted – and, yes, it feels just as brilliant and thrilling as the first time – to say that Book 3 – new title and cover to follow will be published by Choc Lit in July 2014.


Jane Lovering said…
Fantastic news about Book 3,and so glad you're getting to enjoy this lovely weather. Hope to catch up at Conference!
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks Jane, and the same to you for 'Falling Apart'! See you there, yay!
Sue Fortin said…
What a busy time for you. Well done on Book 3 - can't wait to see it.

Look forward to catching up with you at conference.

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks Sue - will definitely catch up with you at conference! x
Book 3! That is fantastic. I am very impressed by your output and determination, and I love the books to bits.
Chris Stovell said…
Oh, you are kind, Elizabeth, thank you!
Claire McC said…
So pleased to hear book 3 is on its way to publication. Have a great time at the RNA conference x
Claire McC said…
So pleased to hear book 3 is on its way to publication. Have a great time at the RNA conference x
Kath said…
Excellent news about book 3 and good to hear that you've been able to get out and about and enjoy Wales in the sunshine. Hope your train journeys there and back and faint-free and have a lovely weekend with the other RNA-ers and ChocLiteers.
Frances said…
Oh Chris, it's grand to hear this news of accomplishments by you and Tom.

(Please tell Tom that I would like to know more about the topic of his degree.)

Bravo to you on getting the welcome news from your publisher, and for now having the opportunity to let your creative ideas float easily for a awhile...close to shore with a bit of a tide to stir things up.

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks very much, Claire and I did!x

Kath, that train ride through Wales is lovely, although a little boilacious on the way home!

Frances, thank you - and I think Tom's been in touch!
Frances said…
Oh Chris, what a lovely return ticket your train journey revealed.

it must have been grand to be in the company of your fellow writers, but...must have been even better to have your arrival at you own station include a romantic welcome.

Please do let Tom know that I have had a look at his site, and that you and he will soon be getting an email from me.

Gosh it is so hot and humid right now on this July night in NYC...I think that only those with ac (not me) might contemplate romance. Perhaps I've now given you a plot hint for a future nove?


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