On the Mend

Don’t pull,’ I tell the nurse who’s about to remove my stitches. 

‘I have to pull, or it’ll fester,’ says the nurse.

‘But, the consultant said – ’

Too late, because the nurse is now brandishing a pin-sized piece of purple, plastic thread and everything else feels, well, fine. It’s a little disconcerting to see the damage, but the wound itself has healed amazingly well in a week, and, as Tom reminds me later, what I’d forgotten was the consultant telling me to allow 8 -10 weeks for everything to settle. So, apart from waiting for the histology results, that should be the end of that little episode.

What I won’t forget though, is how very kind everyone has been. Thank you all so much for thinking of me and for your messages here and elsewhere – it’s meant a lot to me. But most of all, do, please, look after yourselves.


mountainear said…
Let's hope that's truly all behind you. I'm sure you've given many of us food for thought - especially regarding little 'blemishes'.

Take care. X
Margaret James said…
That's such a relief, Chris - am sure there'll be nothing to see soon, hope so, anyway. MXXX
Teresa said…
Another battle won, Dear Chris.
And you have the scar to prove.
Everything will be well soon but yes, keep an eye on "things" or Tom will ;) I'm pretty sure he's up to the job.

Now rest. Both of you! And Enjoy,

Kath said…
Glad all's well and hopefully behind you now. It really has made me less complacent about things. Take care, Chris. xxx
Jane Lovering said…
I'm sure it will heal fast now! Let's hope that's the end of it all, although your cautionary tale may well have saved lives. Now, rest, recuperate, and drink tea! x
Lins' lleisio said…
Gosh... larger than I realised - poor you. But the worst is hopefully behind you now and please let us know the histology results. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Take much care xxx
It all seemed to happen in a blink, didn't it? - the hospital visit, the op, the stitching up etc. So, my wish now is that the recovery is even faster....oh yes, it will be. You are one brave lady sharing all this.
Frances said…
Chris, isn't it good to have those stitches out and the bandaging removed?

The healing process has got its unique time frame, but does move forward.

Bravo to you for encouraging so many other folks to see a doctor for any suspicious spots they might have been living with.

Pondside said…
After reading this I 'ran' to your previous post to find out what had happened - now back to say 'heal well'.
Fennie said…
So glad it has all worked out.

And there might be a benefit for now you'll be able 'to strip your sleeve and show your scars and say,'these wounds I had on Crispin's Day!'

Deborah Carr said…
I'm glad the stitches are out and that your arm is healing so well.x
Posie said…
So glad you are fine now Chris, what a stressful time you have had, glad it is all behind you now. Take care x
Flowerpot said…
Phew - glad that bit's over chris, but do take care please. xx
Henriette said…
Dear Chris,
I've enjoyed reading your blog so much that I decided to nominate it for the Liebster Blog Award. Please see my blog for full details, http://henriettegyland.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/ive-been-awarded-the-liebster-blog-award/

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