Doris Day, Shades of Grey and Sasha Fierce

Absolutely the best bit for me about being an author, apart from writing… or maybe that should be ‘having written’ since the process involves an awful lot of toil and tears… is getting feedback from readers. The ones who’ve enjoyed it, that it is. Getting feedback from folks who haven’t enjoyed it isn’t much fun at all, but, there, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

Reaching those readers, though, is the tricky part. I’m put off by authors who use social media only to trumpet about their latest book so it makes me reluctant to shout about mine. 

Sometimes, however, I’m genuinely too excited to keep it in, like on Monday, when Move Over Darling did something extraordinary, racing up the Amazon charts and settling – for a heady moment – at #2 in the Movers and Shakers chart and at #3 in Women Writers & Fiction. I was very tickled to see my title with its bright cover and Doris Day references resting between two editions of Fifty Shade of Grey so forgive me for sharing the screen grab here. And I haven’t forgotten that the higher you climb the pole, the more of your backside you reveal!

Talking to journalists is a mixed blessing too – I’m not whining about the fact someone is interested enough to want to speak to me, believe me, but I’m more comfortable talking about my books than myself. ‘You need a Sasha Fierce, Mum,’ says Rose, referring to Beyoncé’s alter ego, making me laugh as I conjure up visions of fearless Chris Fierce strutting around out there. Until she appears though, I’ll muddle along and give grateful thanks to my nearest and dearest for putting up with me and to all of you for permitting me the occasional outburst of trumpet tootling. 

And now here’s a tootle for lovely Debs Carr who’s worked at her writing with such fierce determination and secured representation by top agent Luigi Bonomi. Fantastic news, Debs – many congratulations to you.


DOT said…
I'm impressed and were it me would be trumpeting the news to all and sundry! Congrats.
Chris Stovell said…
'DOT' Thank you listening to the trumpeting - and for your congratulations!
Cally Taylor said…
Oooh that's wonderful! What a great screen grab. I'd be tooting my horn too. Very well deserved. X
Maggie Christie said…
Tooting your trumpet, showing more of your backside and becoming Chris Fierce - the things you do for your art! Very well deserved and prepare to climb higher up the pole! I can't help but think that Ms E. L. James has shown a lot more of her backside writing FSOG though! ;)
Cait O'Connor said…
Great news Chris. well done.
liz fenwick said…
Brilliant news!!!
Frances said…
What grand news, Chris! I'll bet that each new reader will encourage another reader ... and so on and on and on.

Debs Carr said…
Aww, there's me cheering to see how well your book is doing and then I see your lovely mention of my fab news.

Thanks so much Chris and many congratulations to you. I keep humming the theme tune to 'Move Over Darling'. ;)
Flowerpot said…
That's great news Chris and well deserved - funnily enough I've just come back from holiday and read Debs' news which is fabulous!
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks Cally - it didn't last but it was fun while it did!

Mags, you made me laugh - I expect my children are quite pleased that I'm not revealing that much!

Cait, Liz and Frances - thank you.

Thanks, Debs - and I'm so pleased for you - as, I see, is the lovely Flowerpot, thanks Sue.

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