Through the Woods to the Sea

Bugs and bad weather have resulted in a certain amount of cabin fever here at Hotel H, but the lovely month of May has arrived so it's time to get out and about.  

We live in a secluded wooded valley that slopes down to the sea and late this afternoon when the rain had eased, we followed the path through the woods ...

A purple haze of violets...

... and bluebells

A waterfall cascading into the stream

One bridge I'm not crossing!

The path changes from mud to sand and suddenly there's the sea.

A strange creature on the beach.

Then it's time to watch the waves before heading home.


We have everything but the sea! Looks wonderful. It makes me feel a bit wistful for the sea. Hope you and yours are all fine now.
Jake T said…
Very nice blog. Enjoyed it!
Pondside said…
A path to the sea - it doesn't get much better than that.
I hope the bug has left you by now and that you can get out into the sunshine as much as you like.
I love the violets!
Sarah Tavenner said…
How lucky to live that close to the sea and in such beautiful surroundings!
Frances said…
Chris, you've given me such a marvelous collection of natural images to take with me through my urban day!

Just walking through the woods, listening for birds, finding amidst all the shades of green some spritely little violets, then sensing the presence of bluebells, then... feeling sand underfoot and seeing the sky open up!

Wow! You and Tom have an amazingly beautiful location! xo
That is so beautiful, Chris! Our bluebells are only just beginning to get going, it's lovely to see them out.

You live in a lovely part of the world. Inspirational!

Dreaming of violets. :)
Fennie said…
Really beautiful, Chris. And I bet the wind will blow away any cabin fevers that may be lingering! But in case not and delirium sets in you might hear in the smugglers' cove of yours 'Ohh ahh me hearties! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum and tales of three deckers wrecked on this very beach and Spanish doubloons thicker on the sand than shells. Tip me the Jolly Roger - ooh ahh!
Cottage Garden said…
Really lovely Chris. Reminds me why I would so love to live near the sea.

Flowerpot said…
That's lovely Chris - happy sigh! x
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you all for taking the time to respond. Sorry not to reply individually but it's been one of those weeks.

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