Book Two and Beyond.

I always feel a bit hesitant about discussing my writing here. I think it’s to do with not being the kind of writer who trots out two thousand words before breakfast. In fact, if my writing was a lover, I’d have walked out years ago! It’s moody, evasive, constantly threatens my self-esteem, but I hang on because that rare feeling when everything falls into place is utterly sublime and powerfully addictive. I have to work hard at what I do, but it’s not hard work.

Anyway, because people have been interested enough to ask, I thought I’d say a bit about the book I’ve just finished and the one I’ve started.

I tend to soak up impressions of places so the setting for Turning the Tide was born out of all the sleepy, seaside towns I’ve visited whilst sailing. Move Over Darling is influenced by the experience of living on the coast of west Wales. One of the first things that struck me when I moved here was that the population of Ceredigion is roughly the same as the town in the south-east I’d just left. With so few people spread out over such a large area, I started to wonder how couples ever found each other! It’s an exquisitely beautiful part of Wales, attractive to tourists and second-homers, but some of the lowest wages too mean that employment prospects are often brighter elsewhere. A trip to New York suggested the book’s premise: 


She’s escaped to the country. He’s escaped from the country. Who’s going to admit that home is where the heart is?

Or this?
From there, I met Coralie Casey and Gethin Lewis. Coralie doesn’t like the hand fate has dealt her so she’s taken charge of her own destiny. Gethin’s an artist living in New York who thinks he’s escaped his home village for good – until I came up with other plans for him. I also had fun with a cast of supporting characters to reflect the book’s theme which is about separation and reunion. 

As Move Over Darling takes its first steps away from me, I’ve started work on Book 3. So far, I’ve got twenty-thousand ‘white-hot’ words. Exactly the opposite of how I ideally like to work by starting with a plan. Now I’ve got to sit and figure out exactly who these people are and how they got here. My latest hero is already on his third change of name, as I clearly didn’t listen to him properly in the first place. Looks as if this is going to be an interesting journey.


Sounds great, Chris! I love your "elevator pitch" (one-line blurb), definitely makes me want to read this novel!
looking forward to reading you second book, when will it be published?
Milla said…
very interesting Chris - dare I say it, you make it sound so easy! Looking forward to its release.
Preseli Mags said…
I can't wait to read MOD! I love the one-line blurb too - exactly the sort of thing I'd want to pick up and read.
Norma Murray said…
I look forward to meeting them all - much speed to your pen.
mountainear said…
It sounds as if the force is well and truly with you! Look forward to ordering, and reading, my copy.
Fennie said…
Yes, I am even more looking forward to it now, especially as the city/country dilemma was very much a part of my own life. The trouble is you entice us too much. I should bar the windows or we'll be breaking them down to get our hands on a proof copy or even to sneak a peek at those 20,000 'white hot' words. Ever thought of writing a serial? 3,000 words a week to keep your fans happy? We won't then break down your windows. Promise!
Chanpreet said…
When oh when can we expect the second book? Thanks to your small reveal, I'm now VERY eager to read it!

And good luck with the third one! I hope the lead decides his name soon!
Jane Lovering said…
Keep those words 'white hot' - I've never written with a plan in my life because sometimes the subconscious knows how things are meant to go! Looking forward to 'Move Over Darling' - and also to the new one, whatever it turns into..
Frances said…
Chris, I saw that photo of the Empire, and much longer until I can read your novel.

I guess that all writers have differing approaches to their process and from questions I've asked some authors at Barnes & Noble's readings, know that many authors definitely prefer to keep certain things very secret.

You are very generous to tell readers a bit more.

Pondside said…
I'm in complete and utter awe of your ability to complete two books and be started with a third. I'm going to work on the mainland next week and have been saving Turning the Tide as a treat for my week on the road. Can't wait!
elizabethm said…
I am very impressed and having watched the genesis of turning the tide I have some small sense of how hard you work! Like the sound of the second book too so will watch out for it.
Dear Chris – fascinating to hear your feelings about writing – I can really identify with that moody evasiveness. I think it's what Dylan Thomas called his "craft or sullen art" – it really is bloody hard work, but I guess it wouldn't be worthwhile if you could just do it by numbers. Can't wait to see the finished product. Twenty thousand white hot words sounds good, though! Looking forward to seeing where they take you.

Keep writing!

J xx
Flowerpot said…
Oh I can't wait to read No 2 Chris - when will i be out? And best of luck wiht No 3 - it's always a fascinating journey isn't it?
Irish Eyes said…
Ditto all of the foregoing, can't wait to get the hands on #2 book and very best wishes for #3. Many thanks for the kind comments.


Irish Eyes said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Irish Eyes said…
This comment came up on the double so I took one of 'em out!!!

Sheryl said…
Moody lover it might be, but doesn't it have a way of enticing you back? Your blog opening made me want to read on. Absolute best of luck, Chris! :)
Debs Carr said…
What a fabulous title! I love the sound of this book too and can't wait to read it. So exciting!
you clever little writing person you! Love the title! Cant wait to meet all these people.
mother's love said…
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Kitty said…
Been dying to read the second since I read the first - and now a third promised? Happy :)
Cottage Garden said…
Congratulations Chris. As one leaves you start another - now that is impressive!

Good luck with sorting out those 'white-hot' words for number 3.

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks, Christina... it doesn't always come that easily!

Hello Cake Lady! Good to see you here! It comes out in the Autumn, will tell more as it unfolds.

Ah Milla, you haven't seen me staring at the screen like a frightened rabbit!

Aw, thanks Mags - you've been an utter star supporting TTT.

Norma, Mountainear, thank you both!

Fennie, it's such a trek out here, you'd be too exhausted to bang on the windows. Just use the door bell, will you? Thank you for the kind words!

Chanpreet, thank you so much. I think the details up at Choc Lit 2012 catalogue now.

Hi Jane, the trouble for me is that I have to sit and decide where everyone comes from and what they're up to. Well done you though for being able to just go for it! I'll take a deep breath and try to do as much of the first draft using your approach! I'm not sure my sub-conscious is as well-trained though!
Chris Stovell said…
Frances, well, as you can see Jane and I have very different methods! I wish I could just let rip a bit more! I also tend not to discuss my WIP too much because I don't want to talk the ideas out before I write them down. I'm really trying to hold on tight to my ideas this time!

Pondside, you're very kind, but not much to be in awe of here! Thank you, anyway, and -eeek!- I hope you enjoy Turning the Tide.

Thanks, Elizabeth... I wonder if this will be the year when we meet up and compare our similarities!

LBD, thank you - the 'sullen art' bit makes me want to hit the bottle occasionally too, although will try not embrace it like Thomas! I'm afraid for me it is a case of just sitting here and getting on with it until I've finished. No useful Muse on hand for me!

Flowerpot and Irish Eyes, thank you both for your support.

Sheryl, welcome, oh, it does, doesn't it? On the rare occasions when I've thought, 'I can't do this any more' I always go back!
Chris Stovell said…
Debs, SBS, thanks for your kind comments about the title. That turned up quite quickly which was handy because until I've got the right title I find it very difficult to proceed.

Er, hello Mother's Love... you won't mind if I don't come and look at your video, will you? Be happy yourself too.

Thanks, Kitty!

Thanks for the good luck wishes, Jeanne... I'll need them!
Cait O'Connor said…
Both these books sound great Chris, I know readers will love them.

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