Before and After

Hotel H is bursting at the seams this week; the mice are still in residence - I'd like to think there are fewer of them, but Lord knows how many more are in search of a snug new home in a cosy loft - and we have visitors. The bathroom facilities here are currently,erm, basic, which is interesting, but we did manage to finish the kitchen just hours before this week's guests arrived. 

So from this...

Through this (when you think it's never going to be finished...)

We finally got to this. Hurray.

And now, I'm boarding up the study door and writing!

(But, before I do, another quick note about the font. Since the new improved Blogger interface thingy arrived, I can't make it work and I don't have the time to fiddle with it, so, dear Blogger, the restoration of my old template would please me no end. Thank you.)


Teresa said…
Loooks lovely, Chris!

I'm sure the mice will move out soon... you're spoling their playground ahahahahahah.

Happy writing and happy moments in your new amazing kitchen.

Kath said…
Oh wow, a finished kitchen. Happy Days! I've been stuck in that middle picture hell in one third of my kitchen for the past two years and counting... but I'm sure it'll get finished at some point... just before we move, probably.

Good luck boarding up the study and Happy Writing, Chris!
Sue Fortin said…
Oh I love seeing before and after pictures. Looks fab!
Lins' lleisio said…
What a transformation, looks so bright and very welcoming. Well done. Very interesting to see the before and after pictures.
Debs Carr said…
It looks fabulous and worth the wait I should think.

You have the same cooker (colour too) as me. Great taste!
Milla said…
wonderful to get the kitchen done. You look back sometimes and think how did we manage, the dust, the smoking builders, the doors open all the time, in our case the puppy escaping and, in the house before, the 2 year old escaping. And now we realise OUR builders didn't put a vital steel in so it all starts again. I could weep! I probably will! Enjoy your new kitchen, Chris, it looks great.
Pondside said…
The kitchen looks really good! I'm sure the mice appreciate all the effort!
Frances said…
Chris, that kitchen looks so welcoming (and not just to those little mice.) Great to have it done as the chilly weather and longer nights settle in.

Calico Kate said…
Oooo Gorgeous Chris. We're in the middle picture state too but at least I'm not living amongst it! Well done for getting it done in time.
Fennie said…
You are not alone. We've just been staying with my other sister in France who has a wonderful kitchen in her old (1514 it says on the bakeoven door) house and there were mice there too, running in and out. I suppose the trick is to keep them in the attic. Could you lay layers of cheese between the beds of insulation, or possibly hang hawk mobiles from the kitchen ceiling. I think mice (not having eyes in the top of their heads) fear hawks more than cats. Anyway it would be an interesting experiment.

Private Eye (50th Anniversary issue) reprints a wonderful cartoon of a butchered cat, blood everywhere, and the Pest Control officer saying to the harassed owner of the ex-cat 'You have got a serious mouse problem!'

Well done on the fab kitchen!
Preseli Mags said…
Wonderful finished kitchen! It looks lovely. I showed the pictures to Brian (with unspoken hints). Like Kath parts of mine still look like the middle picture (and it might be more than two years now).
Lucie said…
Oh, what a beautiful kitchen! x
sheepish said…
We always find that the imminent arrival of guests does wonders for the progress of diy jobs. Enjoy your new kitchen and your guests.
elizabethm said…
Have you got an aga? If so will try not to be too jealous. Actually you have a finished kitchen so am already adopting a posture of yearning.
Liane Spicer said…
It looks lovely and well worth the trouble!
Flowerpot said…
Hooray Chris am so glad you finally got there! I've had problems with blogger tooo so can sympathise xx
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Teresa!

You'll get there, Kath (and so will I, eek!)

Thanks, Sue.

Lins,you set the bar very high with your lovely kitchen!

Exactly, Debs ;0

Milla, that's a horror story, no wonder you're weeping!

Pondside, so long as I don't come home to find them using it, we'll be fine!

Yes, I'm relieved to get it done before the winter, Frances.

Thanks, Kate - I hope you get yours sorted soon.

Fennie, I'm beginning to think that mice are what Country Living don't tell you about or include in their sumptious photographs!

And has Brian taking the hint, Mags? Good luck!

Thanks Lucie!

Very true, Sheepish... I think we would have sat back with exhaustion otherwise!

Elizabethm, no, just a fake Aga - we can't afford to run a real one, not with the price that oil's likely to remain.

Liane, thank you.

Flowerpot - glad it's not just me!

And finally, thank you all for taking the time and trouble to comment. Apologies for not being a better visitor. I hope to make up for it soon.

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