From a Corner of the Spare Room

I’m sure there must be some equation about how the rate of progress on a house renovation reduces the amount of space available to its inhabitants. Clearly, those folks who go off and live in a caravan in their garden know this, but it’s come as something as a surprise to me, but then maths was never my strong subject.
The fitting of new ceilings has turned the ground floor into a building site and our utility room has become a makeshift kitchen, soon to be kitchen/bathroom. It’s a bit like living on the boat again but with running water. Famous last words.

For now, I’ve gathered up my essentials, found a couple of wooden blocks my dad ingeniously made to raise his bed when he was terminally-ill (although a carpenter, he said he drew the line at making his own coffin) to make my keyboard vaguely ergonomically sound and retreated to a corner of the spare room. However, with downstairs lighting due to be fitted at any moment, I have a feeling that the house renovation equation is about to make its presence felt once again.


liz fenwick said…
Good luck with the transition!
Milla said…
A million sympathies. Had ours done last 4 yrs ago. Total renno. (& a puppy!!) it is ghastly. Even tho you chose it! Oh to be rich, rent elsewhere and waft in daily. Do check 'em tho Chris. Just discovered that our f*ckwit cowboys didn't put a vital steel in (in place of removed external wall). Toby's room now has to be totally dismantled, curved steel following line of roof installed ... Oh God!
It WILL be over tho .... And wurrrth it!!
Pauline Barclay said…
Good luck Chris, and as I've said before, I'm with you on all of this, and as I am constantly being told, it will be worth it in the end...I'm sending these words to you too! x
Frances said…
Chris, I can tell that you have still got your marvelous wit. This post made me smile even as I imagined how your life is being ... temporarily ... disrupted.

Those beautiful sunsets must offer up regular gifts of calming nature.

her at home said…
ha tell me about it!!! Builders left 4 months ago due to current state of emotional dis-array in the family they kindly shifted all of my room for me and I have no idea where anything is not even clothes, luckily a french friend gave me her entire wardrobe from last sure so I a fit to be seen otherwise Id still be wearing winter woolies!!
Preseli Mags said…
How lovely to have those wooden blocks. What a useful legacy; your Dad is still looking after you.

It will be so wonderful when it's all finished - I can't wait to finish this place too!
Pondside said…
When it's all over and done you are welcome to join me in my Reno Song.
It goes like this;
"Never again....."
Flowerpot said…
I do sympathise Chris - just hope it's not too long before order is restored!
Fennie said…
I'm sure the creative spirit will shine through. Our utility room had to be emptied last week when we replaced the CH boiler. And then we repainted. Quite amazed at the sheer volume of 'stuff' we had accumulated there. That's the upside - you throw a lot of stuff out.
Debs Carr said…
Sound exhausting and no doubt messy too. Good luck with it all.
Cottage Garden said…
Good luck with the renovations Chris!

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks, Liz!

Wah! Milla, that sounds grim!

Thanks, Pauline - same to you!

Frances, thank you - we hear it hasn't been very calm in NY. Hope all's well with you.

HaH. Jeez! You're having a bad time of it. Good to hear that some people are looking after you.

Mags, I know - they just seem to suggest themselves to me when I was looking round. Yes, it will be good when it's finished... is that light at the end of the tunnel or the train coming towards me?

Pondside, sing it again!

FP, thank you!

Fennie, sounds as if you've been decluttering in more ways than one.

Debs, I'll stop banging on about it soon!

Thanks Jeanne, we need it!

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