Spuds We Like and Other Growths

It’s a busy old time at Hotel H with every other phone caller wanting to book a visit to the new house. Down-sizing and building works is creating quite a waiting list and this week’s changeover day, when we took Stepson Two and Gorgeous Girlf to the station and collected Ma, wasn’t helped by a nine-hour power cut. It’s frantic enough running round the house changing bed linen and towels without the added frisson of wondering when I’ll be able to push a hoover round or make a cup of tea.

We may not be able to generate our own electricity – the small brook in the garden has dwindled to a tiny trickle, dashing our hopes for a micro-hydro power system– but, thanks to Tom digging a vegetable patch, we’ve been self-sufficient in salad. This week saw the very exciting digging of our first potatoes. And – fanfare of trumpets – here they are!

The moment captured on camera by Stepson Two. They’re Maris Peer – and very good too, the skin rubbing away to reveal a lovely pale flesh... hmm, that makes them sound a bit yucky, but they were delicious.

Well, Ma’s here and looking as perky as hell, despite her terrible accident in December. She’s worked amazingly hard at her exercises to regain far more movement in her shoulder than I would have thought possible. Yesterday we had a trip to Swansea where, in the market, I spied a Beautiful Eyebrow Lady, all set to thread eyebrows at the bargainous price of £4.50! Readers, go see her, she is the gentlest Beautiful Eyebrow Lady I’ve encountered and I was delighted with the result. Mind you, I could have done without her aside of ‘upper lip?’ which has left me scrutinizing my fair, and as I thought, hairless upper lip, for signs of an incipient Zapata.

‘Does that hurt?’ says Ma, who’s been watching the proceedings with her usual lively curiosity.
‘No,’ I lie – well, honestly, it only stings a bit and the results are worth it.
‘Okay, I think I’ll have mine done too,’ says Ma.
So there she is, the woman who only a few months ago was lying in a hospital bed looking very broken, now giggling, surrounded by bags of shopping, looking full of life and up for a new experience. It’s a good day.


Pipany said…
Hmm, reminded me that my eyebrows are a blooming mess. They are currently hidden by my over-long sheepdogesque fringe, but that needs to go this weekend...sigh, it's all so hard!! Glad your mum is doing so well Chris x
Frances said…
Chris, how wonderful to have your Mom able to enjoy summertime at your new home. She surely is a marvel!

It also seems remarkable that you all could already have that garden providing supper ingredients.

Hoping that the power cut turns out to be a rarity.

Best wishes to all at the Hotel. xo
Debs Carr said…
So pleased to hear that your Mum is doing so well, good for her.

I'm not surprised they're all booking time with you at your new house, it sounds so fab and those views are amazing.

I love it when we can eat our own new potatoes. Yum, indeed.
Dizzy C said…
Home Grown pots are the best.Memories of the days when my dad had an allotment.

DOT said…
Call me stupid, call me male, but on first reading of the Beautiful Eyebrow Lady, I thought you were talking about a butterfly and was bemused about it stinging. A stinging butterfly, I thought. Global warming is to blame surely.
Pondside said…
It sounds like you're having a lovely summer in your new house. Guests, garden and......threading? I love it!
gaelikaa said…
Doing a catch up read here. Good to see you again. When's the new book out?
Preseli Mags said…
I've never spotted a Beautiful Eyebrow lady in Swansea market, but that's because I'm usually too busy scoffing hot Welsh cakes fresh from the griddle. I'm so pleased to hear that your Mum is doing so well.
We're digging spuds here too. Nothing beats that home grown freshness. Buried treasure indeed.
Fennie said…
Potatoes look great! So glad you're settling in well. One of these days I shall understand what threading is.
I am just curious.
Lins' lleisio said…
Put me on the list for a coffee sometime... just saw your beautiful sunset picture from the garden:) So glad you Ma is back with a vengeance

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