A Walk to the Beach

On a fine May evening, turn left from the house, remembering not to walk beneath the rookery. The hedges are heady with blossom.

Speedwell has appeared in the last couple of days.

And the Wild Garlic's out too.

Through a shaded valley.

A glimpse of the sea through the ferns.

We're almost there.

Just one other family on the beach.

Thrift on the cliffs.

The spray's flying.

Back across the beach.

And homewards bound.


Debs Carr said…
What a beautiful place!
Fennie said…
Lovely pictures, Chris - whereabouts are you? Still in Wales?
Wow, that's stunning. What an inspirational place to live

Preseli Mags said…
How gorgeous is that! Very lovely to be able to walk to a beach. Do you pick the wild garlic for cooking? I use the leaves and the flowers in stuffing for roast chicken. Delicious.
KarenG said…
Oh what a beautiful place you have to walk!
Glenda Manus said…
I would walk everyday if I had such a beautiful to walk!
Frances said…
Chris, I love the views you've shared with us. If I say such beauty when taking a walk, I'd find it so very difficult to return homeward and to go back indoors!

How would you describe the scent of wild garlic? I ask this because your beautiful photo reminded me of a part of the play Jerusalem, that I saw recently. The main character did a bit of a tribute to the scent of wild garlic, and I realized that I truly did not know what that scent might be like.

Best wishes to you and Tom. xo
Pondside said…
Oh Chris, you have landed in the right place! Thanks for sharing that walk. I imagine that it would be restorative in any season...and I love your neighbours!
Posie said…
How lovely, looks like you have definitely found paradise Chris
Fran said…
You LIVE there? *Sighs*
Nicola said…
So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Jude said…
Gosh, what alot has been happening...your new garden looks beautiful and peaceful.
I wish you all the very best for the future.
Hope your ma is on the mend too.
Take care
Lins' lleisio said…
How fantastic, are you in splendid isolation? I love the little walk down, the pictures are fantastic. Your little piece of heaven. I'm desperately trying to work out which beach it is!
Flowerpot said…
Oh just lovely Chris!
sheepish said…
Oh it looks wonderful, I have always wanted to live near the sea and that coastline looks just perfect. It was obviously worth all the hassle you went through. Glad to hear about the book and hope the family are all well.
Fennie said…
That's lovely, Chris. But strangely I seem to remember this post and commenting on it before? Could I have dreamt it? Not in the last six days though as we've been away. Do hope the magnum opus is coming on well!
Cottage Garden said…
You have landed in the most wonderful place Chris. I am totally envious of such a lovely nearby walk.

Well done you on your second book by the way. This one seems to have been set down in double quick time or is it just a case of time flashing by!

Your garden looks lovely. I spy some neat veggie rows.

Kitty said…
Fabulous pics, a very very beautiful part of the world. Lucky you.
Chris Stovell said…
Well, after some interruption, I can finally reply!
Thanks Debs,
Fennie, your comments came and went and yes, still in west Wales.
BSM, yes, it's lovely and so far it's quiet!
Mags, feel very lucky - yes - good to forage for some food!
KarenG, thank you and thanls for visiting.
Glenda, welcome, the uphill stretch is a bit of a climb but well worth it.
Frances, hello, I think wild garlic has a slightly earthier, sweatier smell than tame garlic!
Pondside, yes, I think we have- phew!
Chris Stovell said…
Posie, a glance round the work that needs doing inside brings me back to earth! Still feel very lucky though.

Fran, I know - still pinching myself at the location.

Nicola, welcome and thank you!

Jude, good to hear from you - will pop over to see what you're up to.

Lins - now you know ;) !!

Fp, yes, now just making the most of it.

Sheepish, yes it was a hassle but very pleased with how it turned out.

Jeanne, thanks for all - and time has flashed by this year, especially with so much going on. Tom will be pleased that you spied his veg patch!

Kitty, we do feel lucky - made all the wait worth it. Thank you.
Liane Spicer said…
Wow. What a lovely place!

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