Waterstone's Carmarthen: Round Two!

‘And you’ve got Matthew Rhys in today too, haven’t you?’ I observe. ‘Er. No,’ says Lovely Tim, ‘that was a mistake on the website. But we do have a lady from The Coal House.’ Introduce myself to Lady From The Coal House who asks me how long I’ve worked in Waterstone’s. Wander back to my table and get asked (1) where the dictionaries are (2) if I would like to buy a CD (3) did I really write my book?

Despite stiff competition from Sleb biogs which seem to be high on customer Christmas lists, I do manage to sell some copies of Turning the Tide. In addition I meet some lovely people and one very cute dog (looking for a copy of ‘Scents and Sensibility’, no doubt. Or ‘The House at Poo Corner'.)

Thanks very much to the staff at Waterstone’s and everyone who stopped to chat.


ha ha at least you look like you had fun doing it
Frances said…
Chris, I am so glad that Waterstone's is inviting you back, and bet that the folks who bought your TTT will be recommending it to their friends. Wouldn't you say it's a perfect Christmas gift?

Debs said…
Those that didn't buy a copy of TTT don't know what they're missing, but I'm sure they'll find out at some point.

Glad it all went well.
Pauline Barclay said…
Loved the bit when asked how long you had worked there...no homework done by 'From the Coalhouse.' I Can only repeat what Deb's said, they don't know what they are missing...I do I've read Turning the Tide and they should buy a copy!...hugs to you x
Fennie said…
Sorry we couldn't have come over to give you moral support again, but looks like you've become a fixture there. Do hope sales are going well.
her at home said…
Think what material you have stored away after your new experieinces with book signings! Well done!
Milla said…
well done you, you old hand!
Jane Lovering said…
Well done for putting your face back out there! And even those people who didn't buy a copy will remember your name next time - it's all about the image dahhhhhling...
Wish I'd been there! Brilliant that they invited you back a second time!
Nikki Goodman said…
Well done Chris, keep going. TTT is the best!
Chris Stovell said…
Joanna,it's fun once you get over the nerves.

Frances, you have to tell all the people buying the Sleb biogs for their friends - I lost out to Katie Price!

Debs, aw, thank you!

Pauline, you too - thanks for the support.

Fennie, gosh, I didnt expect you to make that journey twice - it was lovely seeing you the first time. Sales? Still battling with being a newbie and unknown.

HaH, yes, lots there! Thank you!

Milla, hmmm, not quite an old hand so far as public in Carmarthen go, they knew The Lady From The Coal House though!

Jane, I can see I'll have to take some lessons from you! The nerves before going out there are terrible!

Christina, it would have been lovely to see you!

Nikki, shouldn't you be NaNo-ing? *taps foot*. Good to see you, hun, and thank you.
Lane said…
I hope you told the Lady from The Coalhouse what for. No, course you didn't - as unlike her, you're a pro.

Well done m'dear. You look very much at home behind that desk. And rightly so x

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