Summer's Lease

We’ve been gleaning this late sunshine, taking some time out after work to sit down by the estuary to soak up some summer warmth before the winter. This week has been something of an interlude for me. I was invited to write a short story for a monthly magazine and found it really refreshing to take a break from the work in progress to write something different. I’m pleased to say the editor liked what I sent her, giving me a boost to return to my current novel with renewed enthusiasm.

With the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday, this has been the week when the training tapers off with a few days rest before race day. I don’t run for a particular charity as I’m too afraid of not finishing or letting them down, but if anyone feels like dropping a pound in the nearest collection box afterwards, that would be brilliant. As always, I’ll be thinking of my dad on Sunday and organisations like The Royal Marsden,The Princess Alice Hospice, Cancer Research UK and Pancreatic Cancer UK, who helped to look after him in some way.

Good luck to all the runners taking part on Sunday, but especially my writing and running buddy across the hills from me,Preseli Mags.

Good luck too, to Tom who’s completing another year of academic work with an exam on Friday. Fingers crossed for my sister who, after a run of bad luck you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, can see a glimmer of hope on her house. And finally... (because how can I not mention them on the day that everyone’s been waiting for?) the Chilean miners (is there anyone who can watch those scenes without being moved?) here’s hoping they are all recovered safely.


Preseli Mags said…
Aw thanks and good luck to you too. Annoying that you'll be in front of me as usual, but it gives me something to chase!
Sarah Callejo said…
Good luck to all of you, I'm sure you will all be successful.
Lane said…
Good luck to you all. And I hope Sunday brings perfect running weather for you. I think that's light drizzle isn't it?
Fennie said…
Very best of luck on Sunday, Chris. Unfortunately we'll be over in Frome with Elder Daughter that day, otherwise I'd have offered you a warming cup of tea on your way home! Glad the story went down well. Would love to read it when it comes out.
Flowerpot said…
Oh best of luck Chris on Sunday - will be thinking of you and everyone else running. Well done on the short story and good luck with the wip. Lovely picture by the way! x
Pondside said…
I hope you have a good run on Sunday, Chris - you and Presli Mags. Good weather, good course, good crowd and really good meal afterwards!
Jane Lovering said…
Run well, don't forget to breathe and may the road run straight (and not too uphill)! Hope you have a great time on Sunday and I look forward to reading all about it when you've had time to put your feet up and have a cup of tea.
Anonymous said…
Good Luck! I am sure you will do great. And that picture is amazing - looks like the front cover of TTT! Beautiful x
Jenny Beattie said…
The very best of luck to everyone running (you crazy people.)
Anonymous said…
Looks like a lovely part of the world that you live in Chris. Good luck with the Marathon!

Nikki :)
Good luck for Sunday.
How is work in progress coming along?
Debs said…
Best of luck to you for the marathon, I hope the weather is fine, and also for your sister.
Lins' lleisio said…
Good luck to you both on Sunday. Weather forecast looks just perfect too.
mountainear said…
Best of luck for Sunday Chris - wish I could follow your example.
Frances said…
Chris, it's grand to hear about your short story. Hoping to eventually be able to read it!

Best wishes to you, and to Mags, on the marathon. Hoping that the weather gods will smile on you all.

Best wishes to your sister, and of course, to Tom.

It's good to hear of all that you and yours are doing this week. You are making me feel like a bit of a laze bones.

Chris Stovell said…
Hi Mags, I wouldn't put money on me being in front this year!

Hi Sarah, thank you!

Thanks Lane, yes -that'll do nicely!

Aw, Fennie - that's most kind.

Fp, thank you for all!
Chris Stovell said…
Jane, yes, always important to breathe - may require intravenous tea afterwards!

Lucie, thanks - I love cover of TTT so that's good! I maybe biased though!

Thanks, Jenny!

Nikki, it is - so we're both pretty fortunate on that score! I love Dorset too.

SBS, thanks.. kicking and screaming is the answer to that one!

Thanks Debs, sister has had horrid time.

Thanks, Lins'... how's that cute dog of yours?

Mountainear, Thank you - go on, you know you want to join us!

Frances, March, I think for that one. And thanks for your good wishes, but don't think you can call yourself laze without howls of protest from the rest of us! Just look at what you pack in! x
Pauline Barclay said…
Good luck Chris you can do it,keep breathing and smiling at everyone and you´ll be at the finish before you know it! Sending hugs to help you on your way! x
Leigh Russell said…
Good luck to you as well. The advice I always give to aspiring writers is "Work hard, be brave and be lucky." The last is probably the most important.
Cait O'Connor said…
Good luck on Sunday.
Posie said…
I am late visiting...hope you dd well yesterday in your run and are not too sore. Fabulous news about the magazine story...let us know when it is going to be published and in which mag.
Posie x

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