High Heels and Book Deals

I'm delighted to be over at High Heels and Book Deals today, because:

1. I get to chat to Mel which is always a pleasure and
2. I've been allowed - encouraged even - to talk about my favourite shiny red shoes. Yay!


Pondside said…
Very nice interview, Chris....and of course, those shoes are the perfect ending!
Pipany said…
I really enjoyed that Chris. You truly are coming into your own as an author now aren't you? It's brilliant to see so keep up the good work missus! x
her at home said…
All this and red shoes too.. you are a lucky bunny!
Reflections said…
Great interview. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your journey.
Debs said…
Am going there now to have a look. Books and shoes, what more is there in life, apart from maybe chocolate.
Posie Rosie said…
Lovely interview Chris, and good to hear the next project has started and the ideas for more are bubbling away. Shiny red shoes and chocolate....sigh
Flowerpot said…
enjoyed that Chris - lovely shoes but I could never walk in anytihng with such high heels - I'd be flat on my back!
Chris Stovell said…
Pondside, thank you.

Pipany, it's just an illusion, honest! Thanks.

HAH, yep - and I don't take it for granted, believe me!

Reflections, welcome and thank you for your interest.

Debs, yes, definitely chocolate too!

Posie, - not much call for shiny red shoes in normal life round here so it's lovely to bring them out for high days and holidays!

FP, - I ended up walking quite a long way in them when the Tube packed up. Normally a car to bar shoe!!

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