Why I love writing...

'As the last chapter came to a close, I got off at my station, sat on a bench in the sun and postponed my walk home by ten minutes or so to enjoy the last few pages uninterrupted, a little oasis of sublime romance in my rushed day.'

A lovely, lovely comment from a review of Turning the Tide by Miss Write. Check out her blog for sharp, clever writing.


reberto.alberto said…
Hi there!

Shortstorybook.net is organizing a short story writing contest.

We do think that you too might have a marvelous story to tell, one that is your own! So if you can compose it in not more than few words, we would want to hear from you. Also, you stand a chance to get your story published on our site and win cash prize of USD 100.

“Then what are you waiting for? …put on your thinking cap and get writing. For registration and other information check - http://bit.ly/short-story-contest-2010

Happy writing!
HelenMHunt said…
What a lovely review. Congratulations.
Debs said…
That really is a fabulous review, and very well deserved too.
Pondside said…
Could you have asked for a better review??? Wow!
Flowerpot said…
Great stuff! I trust you are feeling very chuffed by that Chris - and rightly so.
Chris Stovell said…
Er, hello reberto!

Helen, thank you - it was so nice to find.

Debs, thank you and thanks to Novelicious today!

Pondside, no! Completely unexpected and wonderful - made me cry!

Fp, totally chuffed and really happy.

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