You know when highly-trained athletes get struck down with a virus just before a big event and you think, ‘Oh, really?’ (Well, you don’t because you’re nice, obviously, but I can be a bit mean), well, it serves me right because I am currently struggling with the lurgy. My head aches, my throat is sore, and I’m snorting ‘First Defence’ and popping paracetamol in a desperate effort to ward off whatever I’m cooking so it doesn’t overwhelm me before Sunday. Sheesh! Wouldn’t it be frustrating if after running all those berludy miles through wind (mainly the weather, that is), rain and JRT attacks, I wasn’t fit to take part in the race?

Autumn Review PS
Since I’m feeling pretty damn sorry for myself at the moment this will be a short post, but, I do have a couple of post scripts to last week.

PS 1.
Back by popular request, well, Little Brown Dog and Calicokate actually, here is the transcript of my Ode to a Llama, first shown here.

Ode to a Llama
O lovely llama grazing on my land,
the sight of you each day makes me feel calmer.
You seem to know that I’m your biggest fan
and twitch your furry ears shaped like bananas.
To you, my little cria, I am your mama mia.

PS 2.
Ma and FTT – the bit with the vigorous horizontal romp.
Ma started FTT when she was staying with us and punctuated her read with little, what Lily calls, pigeon noises and comments of, ‘I can’t believe you’ve written this - it ought to be published, you know!’ Anyway, she took the rest of the script home, made no remark whatsoever about the VHR – but sent me a ten pound note in the post(!) as a down payment for the first published copy if and when that ever happens. Maybe there are some things that even Ma can’t talk about!


I got this from the lovely Debs, and have rudely snatched it without doing the stuff that goes with it, but please do go over to Debs and have a look (have a look anyway, Debs has always got lots of interesting writerly stuff going on... I am still jealous of her champagne lunch with Christina Jones) and consider it yours if you want to do it.

Right, now I'm going to throw myself on the sofa, try not fret about the fact I haven't been able to run since last Sunday and keep everything crossed that I'll be fit enough to race next Sunday. Oh, and love and good wishes to Preseli Mags who has entered the Cardiff Half, but hasn't made half such a big fat fuss of it as I have - good luck, Mags!

Painting is 'Beach - after 'Ill Met'' by Tom Tomos whose work you can see at Tonnau from this Saturday.


Flowerpot said…
how lovely of your ma to send you that tenner - nothing like parental support (despite the rompy bits!!) - do hope you feel better for Sunday Chris.
Jude said…
Chris, you will be better by Sunday!!
Maybe not the result you were hoping for but you can do it!!
We've had it since we arrived back and my poor mum (75)has it in Llangollen as we speak..she was muttering about going to the gym?? tomorrow so she must be feeling better......
mountainear said…
Do hope you've shaken the lurgy off by Sunday. It's so Not Fair getting it now. Have a little petulant stamp of your feet if you feel up to it.
pinkfairygran said…
Just to thank you for commenting on my blog, and to wish you well, a speedy recovery and a good race... or maybe just a speedy recovery would do for now?
her at home said…
I am sending bumper box of tissues, tea and sympathy by expres post you poor snotty creature you !
Oh, poor you. I hope you're feeling much better soon!
LittleBrownDog said…
Pigeon noises - I love it, I love it! So sorry to hear about your virus, though - what completely rotten timing. Fingers triple crossed it's just a 24hr thing and nature's way of suggesting you put your feet up for a bit before the big race, but if you're not feeling 100%, you mustn't feel you've got to soldier on regardless. (And, yes, it hadn't occurred to me to think Oh really, but that's not because I'm nice, more that I'm probably a bit dim.)

Completely gorgeous painting by the way. Wish I could find myself in Tonnau this weekend with an unexpected wad of cash in my back pocket. I know exactly what I'd do with it (keeping back the odd tenner for the second published copy, of course...)
Lane said…
Your ma is a star!

Hope you can throw of that lurgy and get out there and do your (admirable) stuff on Sunday. x
muddyboots said…
whisky & lemon guaranteed to make you feel better, fingers crossed
Preseli Mags said…
Noooooo! You can't 'do a Paula' now! Eat zinc and vitamin C (and chocolate, of course) and REST (you won't lose any fitness for a whole fortnight).
I think your Ma's tenner speaks volumes. I hope someone realises what a Good Thing it is and hurries up and publishes FTT so I can read it too!
See you on Sunday! xx
elizabethm said…
What a lovely ma you have! So sorry you are struck down though with luck you will be struck up again by tomorrow. Rest, keep warm, drink something hot and restorative and toddy like. xx
liz fenwick said…
Sending get well wishes your way.
Edward said…
Ok, panic ye not. You've got four days to recover (I swear by large doses of Vit C at this stage) but remember - you can't do anything now to make you fitter, you can only ruin your chances. Don't be tempted to go for a run - it can only make things worse. I'll be thinking of you, even though I'll be in the South of France!
Debs said…
Oh no, I can't believe you're unwell. Shall think positive thoughts and hope you're fit and well enough for the weekend.

I love the sound of your Ma, she sounds so fabulous.
Lori said…
I have also been feeling sick for almost two weeks now and it's no fun. I hope you get better in no time.
Friko said…
Best of luck for Sunday!
Though why some people WANT to go running, beats me. Walking gets me there sooner than I like most of the time. Never leaves me enough to dawdle and admire the view.
ChrisH said…
Fp, I really thought she'd say something about the rompy bits... still a tenner is always welcome!

Jude, eeeeek! So do I! Gosh, there's a lot of it about then.

Mountainear, thanks - as soon as it's safe to stamp my feet without possibly rupturing a tendon as well, I'll do it.

Pfg, a speedy recovery would be grand and very welcome. Thank you.

HAH - no snot... yet, just feeling very Victorian lady at the mo, with a real fit of the vapours. Tea and sympathy gratefully accepted.

BSM, thank you very much.
ChrisH said…
LBD, Lily hit the nail on the head precisely with that term! There are degrees of pigeon noises for different moods too! I do hope you're right about Nature slowing me down for a day... so long as she lets me run again on Sunday. I really like this week's painting too.

Lane, well, she can be a bit pointed like a star too, but she's certainly never dull. Thank you.

Muddyboots - whisky, yes, that sounds like a good idea. Trouble is because I feel so grotty I don't actually want alcohol... I must be ill!

Oh, Mags, I do hope I will see you on Sunday - I can't believe this has happened now. Boohoo!

Elizabeth, fingers crossed. I am resting though, which I hate doing, but for once I'm trying to do as I'm told.
ChrisH said…
Liz, thank you!

Edward, I do so hope you're right - I am Mrs Panicky of Panic Town at the mo. Btw, that's a nice thing to say but please don't bother thinking of me in the South of France! Have a great time.

Debs, thanks very much for the good wishes. Ma's very much a one-off (thank goodness, there might be some sort of implosion if there were more like her out there!).

Lori, welcome. Thanks for your kind comment and I hope you feel better soon, too. Good luck for your public talk on Sunday.

Friko, very wise words - I do try to find some time to stand and stare too, but I do just love running, well, most of the time.
Frances said…
Wow, your mom is a winner! When I read about her tenner to you, I got tears in my eyes.

Hoping that you will stage a super quick recovery and will see your way to that run.

I keep thinking about all those training adventures, and somehow just want you to be there on the Day.

sheepish said…
A little rest from running will do you no harm at all as long as your lurgy has gone. Is it this sunday or next, hope you are soon feeling better and wish you good luck.
Elizabethd said…
So hope you will be fully recovered. Take care.
Pat Posner said…
Sending 'Be well' vibes for you, Chris.
Cottage Garden said…
Ah but what a very proud Ma she will be when it is published - a tenner well spent!

Get well for Sunday Chris - you can't let all that training go to waste. Love the Ode!

Jeanne x
gaelikaa said…
Hello Chris! I hope you get better soon especially before Sunday!
ChrisH said…
Thanks Frances - I made it! Must have been all those positive vibes.

Sheepish - I suppose it did have the effect of stopping me for a few days. I find it quite hard to sit around.

Elizabeth and Pat, thank you both - your good wishes worked.

Jeanne, I would really love to give Ma a book for her money.

gaelikaa, thank you!
Calico Kate said…
Thank you for the Llama pome Chris - brilliant!

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