Enough About Meme

BT, who writes so well about her beautiful part of the world, (do go and visit if you haven't) presented me with a rather daunting tag of revealing twenty-five things about myself. Twenty-five? Too much information, surely? So I've cheated a bit and found twenty-five I made earlier. For anyone who missed them before here are:

Six Fixes when I need cheering up.

Seven not so secret things about me. And, for those of you who didn't believe it, I really did fall in love with Tom at first sight

And Twelve smells that would revive me in my hour of need.

If anyone would like to pick this up, consider yourself tagged. In the meantime, here is a rather lovely painting of the old boathouse at Poppit from the very talented Tom Tomos.


Milla said…
you cheating old baggage! and why didn't I think of that before!
Debs said…
Now why aren't I that clever?
elizabethm said…
It was good to remind myself of these. I read them all when you first posted but they were all worth a revisit. I particularly liked your twelve smells.
Lane said…
That's a good recycle! And I enjoyed the read and a look at those paintings again:-)
Pondside said…
I enjoyed opening your blog and seeing that scene - beautiful.
You have definitly taken recycling to a new level - why didn't I think of that!
Clever clogs! Love the pic - esp those clouds!
LittleBrownDog said…
Chris - you've caught me out, not posting on a Wednesday as usual. Yes, we know he can paint, but I think we need to see a picture of your Tom now. Have a lovely mental image of eyes locking across a crowded room.
Flowerpot said…
very cleverly done Chris! I would never have thought of that! I couldnt cope with the maths for one thing....
ChrisH said…
Milla, Muddyboots and Debs... I just couldn't dredge up anything else, sorry.

Elizabethm and Lane, Thank you both, how kind of you to take the trouble.
Pondside, SBS - thanks, I tell himself.

LBD, this is an 'extra!'. Hmm, well, will think about that.

Flowerpot, you know what it's like, don't you? I'm not trying to be glib but, as I said, I just can't do anymore!

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