What's Hot and What's Not at Hotel H...

Three days and counting. In the meantime here’s a quick guide to the measure of things at Hotel H this week:-

Going Up:
1. Weetabix – the new prunes
2. Aleshia Dixon
3. Fluffy jumpers
4. Welsh water – the new Crème de la Mer
5. Flog it! (not to be confused with 5 below)
6. Escape to the Country – just don’t do it for real
7. Babies
8. Christmas-size packs of cashew nuts

Going Down:
1. Prunes – movers and shakers now out of favour
2. Camilla – what does she think she looks like?
3. Jo Brand
4. Katherine Jenkins
5. sex/violence/language/other
6. Silence – what is the point of it when you can squeak your slippers?
7. Salad – indigestible
8. The Planet - severe run on heating oil accelarates climate change

Ah, well. That’s me on page one of the naughty book then.


Elizabethd said…
Deep sighs for you!
Frances said…
Really says it, Chris.

I will keep this all a secret, promise!

Preseli Mags said…
I know I really shouldn't laugh, but Weetabix being the new prunes started me and the squeaking slippers finished me off. It'll be over soon!
Milla said…
Harrumph, I think I'm looking quite good, actually!
ChrisH said…
No, dear, not you - you look lovely! (And that was a quote from You Know Who!).
Debs said…
Oh shame, just remember, this too will pass. That's what I tell myself when I'm going through the joys of visitors.
mountainear said…
Oh, dear...this sounds very familiar. Grit your teeth, big smile and remember they aren't staying forever. It just feels like it.
Pat Posner said…
You could always sell your spare bed, Chris!
Oooops so what did poor old Kathryn Jenkins do wrong? (I can guess the others!)Shame about the prunes - 'prunes' said it all really...weetabix just hasn't got that ....that.....feel somehow
ChrisH said…
SBS, if you had the benefit of Mil reading from the Daily Mail you would know!!
elizabethm said…
Sssh, they are lovely really. And if weetabix are the new prunes what is the new black? treacle? guiness? sloe gin?
Sorry, lost it again.
What is wrong with countdown? Surely that must be going up? My parents (adventurous, unconventional, at 75 have lived three lives on normal terms, are obsessed by it). What is going on there?
My husband has a shameful weakness for flog it! I am keeping mine secret for now.
LittleBrownDog said…
Prunes going down, then? Hmmm. So has anything really changed? Apart from the squeaking slippers, obviously.

Enjoy the naughty book!

Lane said…
Gawd. So many of these are so familiar. I am queen of keeping a buttoned lip.

Good luck Chris:-)
Milla said…
quote from you know who?? WHO?? What ARE you talking about?? Feeling severely out of the loop here.
ChrisH said…
Milla, dear heart, sorry to be cryptic but I don't actually want to be strung up by my outlaws. Let me just say that Mil is not a big fan of Camilla PB.
Edward said…
Quite a lot of this (well, almost all, actually) went entirely over my head. But I'd just like to stand up for the reviled prunes ... no, hang on a minute, I have to sit down.
Expat mum said…
Oh, yes. Got it now. That just reminds me we're visiting mine in a few weeks.
Flowerpot said…
and how much longer does ths go on for Chris?!

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