Post of the Week

Post of the Week
My previous post, 'Life with Ma', was nominated for Post of the Week by Zinnia Cyclamen If you've never read Zinnia's moving and understated blogs about her work as a non-religious funeral celebrant then you really should... but take your hankies! Zinnia's blogs were recently picked up by the Guardian - deservedly so. Anyway, don't take my word for it go and read them!

'Life with Ma' was shortlisted but the winning post this week was John's Blog 'Talking about grief...'
I won't do John the disservice of trying to summarise his post, you should read it for yourself by going to ''

(Apologies to both John and Zinnia but I can't make any of the links work today.)

Thank you to Zinnia - if you follow my 'Novel Racers' link you will find her there and to those of you who were kind enough to support my nomination.


Zinnia Cyclamen said…
Awwww, thanks Chris!
Flowerpot said…
well done Chris - and to Zinnia dn John!
Debs said…
Well deserved, it was an excellent poignant post.

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