Tumbling Dice

Or 'You Can’t Always Get What You Want
but Sometimes You Get What You Need!'

Stepson Two
We finally track down Stepson Two and he’s tired. Bone weary in fact, and with another three weeks of recording ahead there are many hours of hard work to put in before the album is complete. Glastonbury was great, he said, Clocks were well received but they’re not in the luxury trailer league yet. It was a tent after the gig and the train back to London the next day. As the songwriter it’s Stepson Two who particularly feels the pressure to deliver but there’s a lot at stake for all of them. With a full release single due out in September, timed to fit in with the album demo, a tie-in with Orange (see http://www1.orange.co.uk/entertainment/music/featuredArtistDownloads.php for more details) there are exciting plans for the band but it also goes to show how much effort lies behind an ‘overnight’ success.

A very excited Rose is on the phone. She has a job interview! Hurray! Rose is determined to break into publishing and knows that first she’s got to prove her worth. The media sales department of a large magazine company have got in touch so Rose and I discuss tactics. Have you ever tried to choose a suit for someone over the phone? ‘What do you think? Plain black or textured pin-stripe?’ She asks. Wish I was closer. I tell her to go for the one with the best fit and get as much bang as possible for her few bucks. Next step is to run through possible questions before the interview… and I thought my nerves were going to get a rest!

In contrast Lily is utterly dispirited. Trying to get the contents of a house into one room has exhausted her. There are boxes everywhere and only one socket for all her electrical gear. She gives up and goes to her boyfriend’s to recuperate. The next day she’s much happier, the boys who are to be her new housemates have tidied up in her honour although the bathroom leaves something to be desired. Lily decides to tackle it but is mystified by rows and rows of bathroom products with a dribble of unidentified substance at the bottom. ‘Do these belong to anyone?’ She asks. No, is the answer. Not anymore, their previous owners simply can’t be bothered to throw them away. Feel that the next few weeks could be a steep learning curve on both sides.

Um, Me
Well, who would have thought that events would change so quickly? From deep disappointment on Thursday to yesterday’s unexpected boost it’s been quite a journey. The agent, it seemed, had given both me and my book a second thought and concluded she was reluctant to let me go. When I screwed up my courage and phoned her I was greeted with warmth, praise and generous advice. The result is that I actually feel much happier about the direction I’ve been advised to go in, to aim, as she so succinctly put it, for a ‘substantial meal’ instead of a ‘tasty light lunch’. There are no guarantees of course, but all I can do is try.

To those of you who have so very kindly found the time to both sympathise and cheer, your support has been appreciated more than you could imagine. Thank you.

Hwyl fawr!


Oh please make it 7 vourses with wine thrown in!!!!I love a meaty book!!Well done and good luck to not so littly for the interview!!
Anonymous said…
I'm really pleased for you about the book news. It sounds very positive. I look forward to hearing more.

Best wishes, Crystal xx
countrymousie said…
I am so glad things seem to be on the "UP". Rock Star son and better news on the book front.
Keep us all updated.
FunkyMunky said…
It does indeed sound like it's going to work out for you after all. I really do hope so.

I'm going to look out for that single when it comes out in september! I love hearing new bands and wish them the best of luck with it all!

Also, good luck to Rose and Lily for different reasons of course!
Eden said…
I do wish you lots of luck. Thank goodness for your encouraging agent.
Pondside said…
Good news - and so lovely of you to share it quickly! All I can say is "get cookin'"! That book is going to be the literary full meal deal and I can't wait!
Milkmaid said…
Great to catch up with all your goings on, fantastic news, sounds like lily is going to have her hands full, Men and clean bathrooms - not often seen together
muddyboots said…
catching up session, great news all round l think?
Zinnia Cyclamen said…
Am mostly cheering now, albeit still with a little sympathy, as it sounds as if you're on a similar writing journey to me, and I'm finding it really hard - but ultimately, I think, rewarding.
elizabethm said…
what good news! fingers crossed for you still. know what you mean about your daughters. mine has just left after a week's stay and I feel quite bereft, daft really, she hasn't lived at home for years.
Inthemud said…
Just dropped in the say Hi!
Pleased things may be looking up book wise. Best of luck
Cait O'Connor said…
So pleased you have good news on the book front, I said you would didn't I?
Fennie said…
Sorry to be catching up so late. Terrific news on the book front. You'll be a shiny backed little beetle yet. When is the event? I'll keep fingers crossed for you.

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