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Over My Shoulder

Monday 11 FebruaryWell, I’m not, as it happens.Over my frozen shoulder, that is.However, after five months of waiting I get to see a physio who turns out to be absolutely marvellous.So marvellous, in fact, that she picks up another ailment that worries her more than the shoulder.I had assumed that the pins and needles in the little finger of my left hand were a side effect of the shoulder but, no, it seems I have a trapped nerve in my elbow.The physio is concerned because I don’t notice when she jabs her brooch into my finger (nice!).There is a possibility, she suggests, that I could lean on a hot hob and set myself on fire.Not in our house, I think, where Tom does all the cooking, nevertheless I make I mental note to stay away from all ovens.Friday 15 FebruaryI take life a day at a time and try to get the most of the time I’ve got.I’ve seen enough now to know that the most unexpected things can rise up to bite you and, sometimes, tomorrow doesn’t come.However some forward planning is…

The Canarian Diary

Thursday 24 January
7.30pm Arrive at Las Palmas airport. So does our luggage. I don’t care what happens now, so far as I’m concerned I’m ahead of the game.

Friday 25 January
We open all the curtains to let the lovely sunshine in and incur the wrath of our cleaner. Not a good start. ‘Ees nice for you but ees not nice for ME!’, she hisses. Rightio, we won’t do that again then. Anyone would think we were trying to have a holiday here!

Gran Canaria does exactly what it says on the tin. Wall to wall sunshine and more bars and restaurants than you could shake a stick at. Our apartment is identical to any other you see across the Med. It has a big (unheated) pool for the tourists and a little muddy pool for four terrapins. Actually it’s quite hard to tell the difference between the terrapins and some of the tourists. Oh, except the terrapins don’t bag sunbeds with towels or have tattoos on their ancient, leathery skin.

Sunday 26 January
We are slap between two shopping centres. Normally we walk do…