Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Home Thoughts Weekly: Preview Edition

A funny thing happened in the Sick Bay last night. Lying there in my winceyette nightie with the candy-striped sheets pulled over my head I was pretty sure that Duck Flu, Local Paper Blight and Chronic Blogging Fatigue had seen me off for good.

A peep at your shiny new blogs hadn’t helped; everyone had gone up a grade! Liberated from the Mothership, Purplecooers were celebrating with stylish presentation, fabulous photos and writing with a newfound sense of freedom. Was I even capable of setting up a blog or would I be relegated to the bottom stream forever?

Then, to my complete surprise, I got the urge to lift my head from the Pillow of Doom, edge a tentative pedicured foot to the cold floor and feel my way over to the computer. Within a couple of minutes of experimental tapping I, too, was the proud owner of a brand new blog, proving that there is indeed, life beyond the Green Duck.

Alas, I will not be boarding at Purplecoo. The day job has suffered badly and Tom is also showing signs of neglect. So I’ll be a day pupil, popping in to cheer you all on. Home Thoughts is therefore going weekly, except when not!

My recovery should be further assisted by the arrival of the Post Natal Girls and we will be paying lavish homage to Purplecoo’s motto, children, chocolate and wine!

Hurrah and hwyl fawr!